Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Saving Face With Fillers

How Radiesse is Used for Restoring Facial Volume & Non Surgical Nose Jobs

Radiesse is arguably one of the most popular dermal fillers available in the cosmetic industry. Not only does Radiesse restore volume and diminish superficial creases around the mouth and face, but its multifaceted functions make it the perfect alternative for patients seeking non surgical versions of popular surgical procedures. In 2011 alone, the use of Radiesse went up 36% since the previous year (according to the ASPS).

Patient (age 49) Before and After Images Courtesy of Radiesse.com

This cost-effective, injectable filler “plumps” diminished volume, something that every person faces during the dynamic aging process. Youthful contour and results are almost immediate and can be performed in as little as 20 minutes. And if performed correctly, little to no pain is experienced, no redness or swelling occurs and bruising is minimal to none.

Patients also use Radiesse to maintain and touch-up their previous face lifts to keep their results lasting longer. Over the past few years, Radiesse has grown in popularity due to its crossover use in non surgical nose surgery. Prior to the sudden boom in popularity, Dr. Lewis Obi was performing non surgical nose jobs with Radiesse’s cousin, Coaptite Injectable Implant.

How are Radiesse and Coaptite Utilized in
Non Surgical Nose Jobs?

For patients with deficient nasal bridges, such as Asian or African noses, both fillers may be utilized to augment the deficiency in the nose. For dorsal humps, which are more prominent in ethnic noses, the bump may be obscured with these injectable agents.

These non surgical nose augmentations can take up to 15 minutes to perform, with minimal bruising, and gives the patients a chance to “test drive” a new nose if they are reluctant to have a surgical procedure due to downtime or fees.

Incidentally, Dr. Lewis Obi utilizes Coaptite and Radiesse to enhance cheeks and chins without surgery. He was also among the first plastic surgeons to perform this procedure on patients.

How Much Does a Non Surgical Nose Job with Radiesse or Coaptite Cost?

Every patient is different and the amount of fillers may not be the same, but a non surgical nose job with Radiesse can cost anywhere between $600 to $1500.

Patient (age 52) Before and After Images Courtesy of Radiesse.com

What is Radiesse?
It’s an FDA approved gel used for the correction of moderate to sever facial wrinkles and folds. It’s non-allergenic and can last for up to one year - although some patients have reported longer results. Learn more about Radiesse by watching this educational video brought to you by Radiesse. 


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