Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Introducing SLIM Laser Liposuction

We are so very proud to introduce SLIM Laser Liposuction at Obi Plastic Surgery!

Unlike other laser or liposuction treatments, the SLIM Procedure™ uses advanced technology to deliver dual wavelengths of laser light, specifically designed to easily melt fat in large areas—with less downtime, little to no bruising, and remarkable results.

Unlike traditional liposuction, SlimLipo is an effective device for melting fat and not simply tearing through tissue structure. The result is less body trauma and significant fat removal and dermal heating. The heating of dermal tissue has been shown to have skin tightening results.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Semper Fi

The best deal I ever made was pledging my service to America and enlisting in the United States Marine Corps. Not only did I have the honor of defending the greatest country in the world, but my training as a Marine gave me the wisdom, courage, discipline and sensitivity to chart a thrilling and challenging destiny. Being a Marine led me to the rewarding path of becoming a plastic and reconstructive surgeon and the founder of Obiarts, an international art corporation.

I was born and raised in Jacksonville, the fifth of eight children. I grew up in Lackawanna on the Westside. My family lived in a modest three-room house, which was part of a grocery store. I never thought of myself as restricted and poor; instead, I relished the freedom of sleeping on a porch swing or camping out in the front yard with my brothers. Life was an adventure. And everywhere I looked, I saw opportunity. My positive outlook stemmed from the inspiring stories my father shared with me. Habib Obi was raised in a small Christian community in what is today known as Iraq. In his childhood, the region was known as Mesopotamia and under control of the Ottomans. With great foresight, my father’s family found a way to get him out of Mesopotamia, through Argentina, and finally to the United States. The first thing my father did upon arriving in America, as a homage to his freedom, was join the United States Army.

Through my father, I was raised with the spirit of adventure and a heart of gratitude. I loved the opportunity to exp and work. Needing little sleep- perhaps it was the porch swing after all – I would awake in the early morning hours and start my day working at a bakery. After school (although I skipped the majority of classes daily due to sheer boredom), I expanded my enterprises to selling papers (The Jacksonville Journal) and peddling peanuts at the ballpark. I was proud of the money I earned and excited to hand it over to my mother. My mother would hug me tightly and whisper in broken English that I was not to tell my father. I had no inkling that I was eventually making more money than my father. But I would respect the sparkle in my mom’s eye as she gave me half the money back for my own savings, and kept the other half for the family. It was our secret.
My mother, Raina Obi, was delightful-fun loving, kind and easily persuaded by my ways. When I decided to join the Marines and drop out of high school, I was underage by two years. But I didn’t let that get in my way. I had my mother sign the papers, knowing she couldn’t read English. I simply told her I was joining a club called the Sea Scouts.

When I arrived at the Marine Corps boot camp, I deeply regretted (for myself) that I had misinformed my mother. My request to call her and clear up the matter was denied with great laughter. I realized there was no turning back. In hindsight, this was the best thing that could have happened to me. My maverick, independent ways were put into focus during my three months at boot camp. A sobering reality. Yet the same drill instructors who beat me down into nothing, ended up building me into a person I had no idea existed inside. These drill instructors say my potential and forced me to do the same.

As a Marine (and later as a Naval Medical Officer), I had many assignments including setting up M.A.S.H., units and makeshift hospitals. I saw first-hand the miracle of doctors saving lives and their heartaches over losing lives. In the military, I witnessed complicated reconstructive surgery on burn victims, amputees and other suffering from massive deformities. I knew in an instant that my calling was to be a surgeon. But there was an obvious obstacle. I never finished any meaningful high school curriculum. I expressed my desire to attend medical school and was given an aptitude test through the Marine Corps. Much to my surprise, I scored higher than I ever believed possible. I was then guided to finish my high school requirements and quickly began attending college classes under the GI Bill.

I was accepted into medical school, but could not celebrate my achievement because I had no way to afford the cost of attending. I never gave up. Instead, I found an alternate route. My training as a Marine had taught me focus, perseverance and patience. I opted to become a pharmacist, graduating the five-year program at the University of Florida in three years. I returned to Jacksonville and worked a s a pharmacist at Owens in Riverside, saving every penny towards my real passion of becoming a surgeon.

A couple of years later, I began medical school at the University of Miami. Being a pharmacist had served me well. Not only did I continue my pharmacy work to financially support myself through medical school, but the knowledge I gained as a pharmacist was invaluable to my studies as a doctor.

My four years as a medical student were exhilarating. I interned in the United States Navy rotating through the specialties of general surgery, orthopedic surgery, internal medicine, OB/GYN and plastic surgery – knowing I always wanted to study the art and science of plastic surgery-knowing I always wanted to study the art and science of plastic surgery.

During my residency, I studied cardiovascular surgery, plastic surgery, hand surgery and maxillo-facial surgery. The leaders of the field-doctors J. William Littler, Ralph Mallard, Charlie Ammons and Tom Baker – also became my mentors and supporters.

After graduation, I moved back to Jacksonville to begin my practice in plastic and reconstructive surgery. In my mind, I never forgot the training I received as a Marine and later as a Naval Medical Officer. This experience inspired me to undertake the pioneering idea of building a free-standing center for plastic surgery in 1976. By 1987, after an arduous road of challenges, I opened the first comprehensive, licensed ambulatory surgical center for plastic surgery in the state of Florida. I am an ardent proponent of patient safety and continue to work with plastic surgeons throughout the state of Florida in encouraging them to build their own ambulatory surgical centers.

My love for the art and science of plastic surgery also attracted me to the visual art of painting and sculpture. I began studying art history in my spare time and before long became an avid collector of art. I was, and continue to be, an eclectic collector – relishing 19th century British watercolors, 20th century symbolists and surrealists and the glass/crystal of Tiffany, Steubens and Baccarat. My fascination with Greek mythology serendipitously brought me in contact with an extraordinary British artist, Daniel Samuels, who also became a close friend and mentor. It was because of Daniel that I was inspired to establish Obiarts Inc., an international art company that developed an exclusive series of lithographs by Daniel entitled, Olympians, Gods and Heroes. The launching celebration for this project was held in New York and supported by Lord Charles Churchill, Donald Trump and Estee Lauder.

My most unexpected endeavor with Obiarts was into the field of American Modernism. Through an attorney friend of mine, I was introduced to the work of Manierre Dawson. At the time, Dawson was not widely known. A group of us bought a large collection of his paintings and sculptures. While my partners were interested in tax write-offs, my wife, playwright, Myra Bairstow, and I felt a mission to further the scholarship of Manierre Dawson and establish his rightful place in art history. This, after all, was a pioneering artist who painted several of the world’s first abstract canvases in 1910, sold his first painting to Gertrude Stein and was shown in the world-renowned Armory Show of 1913. Although Dawson was enigmatic to the art world, Myra and I persevered through research to advance the cause of Dawson. We bought our partners out over the years and worked with leading art scholars, curators and galleries to establish Dawson’s role in the Modernism Movement.

Today, Dawson is represented in 35 major museums throughout the United States. In 2007 Myra and I had the honor of seeing Dawson’s key 1912 cubist painting entitled The Three Graces, installed in the Modern Room of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Every worthwhile deal will always require risk, patience, perseverance and the challenge of obstacles. My agreement to serve in the military unexpectedly led me to the rewarding filed of plastic surgery and into the fascinating world of art. It was a circuitous route, but one of excitement, knowledge and indelible memories. The lesson of a good deal is that it multiplies and overflows into unexpected facets of one’s life.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The pursuits of Dr. Lewis J. Obi, M.D., F.R.S.A. dictated by passion

This article was written about Dr. Lewis J. Obi by Seth Williams and gives more insite about Dr. Obi and his life's work.

The pursuits of Dr. Lewis J. Obi, M.D., F.R.S.A. dictated by passion
by Seth Williams

It’s been said that life imitates art far more than art imitates life, this couldn’t be a truer statement when interpreted by the trained eyes and skilled hands of an accomplished plas­tic surgeon.

Dr. Lewis Obi is a plastic surgeon who has gained a wealth of knowledge and background from learning ‘hands on’, observing the manifestations of war upon injured soldiers while in the Marine Corps at the early age of 16. The miracles of plastic surgery and his experience in Korea led him in his pur­suit of medicine and polarized his life’s commitment. From age 19 through the age 38, Obi earned a pharmacy degree and continued in his pursuit of higher education earning a degree in plastic surgery and finally, board certification. Obi was now able to pursue his life’s passion, sharing his eye for fine art and skills in the field of plastic surgery.

Dr. Lewis Obi is a groundbreaker and a firm believer in exceptional pa­tient care and treatment of his friends and patients. His passion led him to the establishment of the first and fin­est comprehensive Ambulatory Sur­gery Center in the State of Florida, The Samuel Wells Surgical Center, opening its doors in 1977. Since its inception, the facility has provided patients who prefer the best in pre- and postoperative treatment, world-class amenities, and premier patient care. The center continues to set a benchmark in the industry, satisfying clients who seek privacy and intimacy while undergoing procedures of such a sensitive nature.

The licensed center has many ac­colades to go along with its years of service to clientele. The blemish free record at the center is a testament to the countless hours of training and quali­fications that enable it to be a compli­ant facility with the stringent AHCA, or The State of Florida, Agency for Health Care Administration, guide­lines. The facility adheres to the out­lined procedures for facility compli­ance and inspections. It also requires the licensed healthcare risk managers implement programs prescribed by statute to accomplish quality assess­ments and improvements that assure greater patient safety. The Samuel Wells Surgical Center has continually gone above and beyond the guidelines, assuring compliance and a continued meticulous training regiment for all staff members.

Dr. Obi is a firm believer in train­ing his staff to handle any situation and perhaps echoes the flawless record of safety at the center. A constant student and educator, Obi expects his staff to learn and understand the risks and pre­ventative measures used to foresee, confront and prevent any complication that may arise while handling surgical patients. All staff registered nurses, an­esthesiologists and visiting physicians handling patients are required to update and actively maintain Advanced Cardi­ac Life Support (or ACLS) procedures and coursework required to understand the risks and prevention of a cardiac emergency. The center also maintains a transfer agreement with the local hos­pitals to ensure patient comfort and in­creasing peace of mind.

Dr. Lewis Obi has been working with qualified Board Certified Plastic Surgeons across the United States and around the world to help patients develop realistic expectations about the benefits of cosmetic surgery. The ‘reality show’ exhibitions that paint an unrealistic pic­ture of such a respected field prompted a comprehensive publication by Obi and his most outstanding peers. He has con­tributed to a book written by the experts titled Be Your Best-A Comprehensive Guide to Aesthetic Plastic Surgery* that incorporates expert advice on all aspects of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery from the nation’s leading authorities. The book guides the inquisitive, educated patient through the history of plastic surgery, the steps associated with discovering a qualified plastic surgeon, common pro­cedures and offers comfort through the understanding of procedural guidelines.

The continual pursuit of knowl­edge and education drives Obi to teach and reach out to others who desire ex­periential learning from the best in the field. “The clear difference,” says Obi, “between many young sur­geons today and a surgeon who has learned skills from a background in reconstructive sur­gery are evident.” The background knowledge gained from residency, continuing into practice, in the reconstructive field of surgery requires problem solving not nor­mally encountered through cosmetic and aesthetic prac­tice alone. The true benefits that Obi feels underlie his continual work in both reconstruc­tive and cosmetic surgery is the ability to troubleshoot and foresee complications in procedures and posses the ability to handle them proper­ly, ensuring the stability of the patient’s condition and safety in the operating room.

There is a gift that the plastic sur­geon has, the ability to share with his or her friends life altering ‘miracles’, enabling people to be their best. Dr. Lewis Obi truly believes he works in the greatest field- where his talents and skills shine- revealing his pas­sion. Uncompromising in his dedica­tion to patient safety and comfort, Dr. Lewis Obi is renowned throughout the Jacksonville region for his pioneering approach to providing aesthetic en­hancement services through his skills in a wide range of plastic surgery pro­cedures, from breast augmentation, breast reconstruction and facelifts to rhinoplasty and liposuction.

In addition to providing cosmetic surgery services, the Lewis Obi Plas­tic Surgery Center offers a wide range of relaxing and refreshing aesthetic enhancement services at the Renais­sance Center for Cosmetic Renewal. The Renaissance Center compliments the plastic surgery practice by provid­ing services in a comfortable, relaxing environment where you are attended by a friendly and professional staff using the latest equipment and procedures.

Beauty enhancement options in­clude Palomar StarLux Pulsed Light System, glycolic chemical peels, fa­cials, microdermabrasion, Botox® injections, filler injections (Juvederm, Radiesse, collagen, and fat), perma­nent make-up and skin care. Products include Prevage MD, Skinceuticals, Reval├ęskin, Glo Mineral and Brenda Christian make-up.

Dr. Lewis Obi is known for his vi­sion and commitment to professional­ism that highlights and embraces artistic beauty. View Dr. Obi’s website and com­prehensive information at Obi Plastic Surgery or call to set up your con­sultation at 904-399-0905.

*Be Your Best-(Insight Interna­tional Press, LLC-copyright 2006)
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