Wednesday, July 14, 2010


During the past month Dr. Lewis Obi has continued to remain on the cutting edge of plastic surgery on multiple fronts. During the past week, two experienced board certified plastic surgeons (Tennessee and Illinois) visited the Obi Plastic Surgery Center for preceptorships and learning experiences with Dr. Obi. Also during this period of time Dr. Lewis Obi was selected to lecture at an advanced International Slim Lipo Symposia in Orlando on November 11, 2010. By completing Slim Lipo on more than 215 patients during the past 19 months, Dr. Lewis Obi continues to lead the pioneering efforts with this revolutionary and new laser technology. Below are photos typical of a recent early result in a 55 year old patient who returned to work two days after the procedure.

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In addition to the usual applications of Slim Lipo, Dr. Obi has developed the
technique of laser breast reduction and breast lifts thus avoiding extensive scarring and down time.

Dr. Lewis Obi has been active in the field of reconstructive plastic surgery since he began his practice and today he continues to provide care in the areas of breast cancer, skin cancers including melanoma as well as traumatic deformities. It is interesting to note that the origin of the term “Plastic Surgery” has nothing to do with the synthetic polymer material plastic but originates from the Greek word plastikos: to mold or shape. As a medical student Dr. Lewis Obi wrote a paper on the history of plastic surgery which dates back at least 4000 years. This germinal paper was published internationally in “Medical World News”.

Another educational hallmark this month was the completion of a course by Dr. Lewis Obi on advanced cardiac life support (ACLS). Dr Obi was the first plastic surgeon in Jacksonville to become ACLS qualified and has maintained this certification for the past 32 years. This qualification provides the physician with the highest level of proficiency required if a patient develops any type of cardiac or pulmonary problem during surgery. ACLS certification requires consistent review and study with testing every 2 years. All of Dr. Obiʼs nurses are also ACLS certified on a bi-annual level.

Finally, the Obi Plastic Surgery Center has added the technique of Sclerotherapy, Spider Vein Treatment, to the list of services they provide. Nurse practitioner Michelle Zager has completed training for this technique and will provide treatments for superficial varicose veins of the legs and thighs. Please visit our Renaissance Center Med Spa in Jacksonville to learn more about Sclerotherapy for more information on this technique.
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