Friday, September 28, 2012

Sydney, Chicago and Beyond

September has been a very active month for Dr. Lewis Obi. His lectures in Chicago and Sydney, Australia were met with enthusiasm as Dr. Obi continues to establish a new paradigm for plastic surgery. “Plastic Surgery in the New Age: SlimLipo, Adivive, PRP and More” was the title of his presentations in Chicago and Sydney.

From Dr. Lewis Obi's Sydney Lecture
As a pioneering plastic surgeon for adult-based stem cell fat and laser lipolysis, he has made a significant contribution to the clinical practice of his specialty. This week, he is spearheading the third round of clinical studies for a new laser platform for the treatment of cellulite.

Dr. Lewis Obi and His Team Prepping for Surgery
Although Dr. Lewis Obi is a veteran plastic surgeon, what has maintained his preeminent and active status is that he continues to reinvent himself. Four years ago he was one of the first plastic surgeons to adopt the SlimLipo laser technology, 22 months ago the first to acquire an FDA approved stem cell fat processing system (Adivive) and now he is pioneering new laser technology. Also, within the next week, he is introducing the new Vectus™ hair laser as well as the Emerge™ fractional laser platform.
Vectus™ Laser
Emerge Fractional Laser
This wide array of advanced technologies are available only in major world class cities. However, all of the technology of our modern world has not replaced the artistic talents of the surgeon. Dr. Lewis Obi is perhaps the only plastic surgeon in the world who is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Art, FRSA (London). He epitomizes the quote “Medicine's contribution to art is the art of plastic surgery” (title of many of Dr. Lewis Obi’s lectures and publications).
Pygmalions Creation by Daniel, courtesy of Obiarts Inc.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top Five Non Surgical & Minimally Invasive Alternatives to Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

When it comes to cosmetic enhancements, the method of choice has significantly shifted from surgical to minimally invasive options. These procedures have grown in popularity because they are cost-efficient and associated with less downtime. The majority of these patients may resume most activities within a matter of days. And with the holiday season quickly approaching, these procedures may be ideal for the active patient who is seeking an excellent aesthetic result without the downtime and risks associated with invasive surgical procedures. During the past four years, Dr. Lewis Obi has spear headed the development of many of these minimally invasive techniques.

Hermaphroditus, Compliments of Obiarts Inc.
The following are the top five non surgical or minimally invasive procedures requested.

1. Rejuvenation of Forehead, Brows, Face and Neck

Sometimes a surgical face lift may be the only option to restoring youthful looks and repairing long term damage. But for most patients, there are minimally invasive options that may restore their youthful appearance. Through the use of Botox, a patient may smooth forehead creases while lifting their brow line. Adivive fat grafting utilizes unwanted fat from the body and refines it to a durable large volume filler for the face. And finally, the LJO Brow Lift is a minimally invasive proprietary brow lifting procedure that can be performed in half an hour with little-to-no residual scarring.

Downtime Required for Botox: None
Downtime Required for Adivive Filler: Three to seven days.
Downtime Required for LJO Brow Lift: Five days.

Patient received Adivive fat transfer to increase facial volume.

2. Liposuction and Body Sculpting

Certain areas of fat may not always respond to exercise and dieting. Traditional techniques for the removal of this fat are associated with long periods of recovery, general anesthesia, greater risks and less than optimal results. However, with the introduction of SlimLipo laser lipolysis four years ago, fat removal and skin tightening has never been so easy. An added benefit is that skin tightening continues for several months so that any subsequent weight loss is synergistic. One of SlimLipo’s multiple benefits is that patients immediately see visible results following their procedure and continue to see volume loss and skin tightening up to six months. During the actual procedure, patients do not require general anesthesia and may typically return to work within the following day or two. All of these benefits also results in a lower cost for the patient.

Downtime Required for SlimLipo: One to two days. Patients may resume work in one to two days and may resume physical exercises within five to seven days.

SlimLipo fat removal and skin tightening.

3. Breast Augmentation

Autologous fat grafting is not new to the world of cosmetic surgery. As a matter of fact, the use of fat as a filler has been utilized in cosmetic practices for over 30 years. Until the recent advent of the Adivive Fat Processing Unit, fat transfer results have never been as reliable. Through the Adivive system, fat is removed via SlimLipo, centrifuged and filtered into a more viable fat transfer. This process may be used to increase a woman’s breast size by one full cup without the use of implants. Post-lumpectomy and breast reconstruction patients immensely benefit from this procedure as well.

Downtime for Adivive Breast Augmentation: Five days.

Post-lumpectomy patient received Adivive fat transfer in
left breast, SlimLipo tightening in right breast.
Patient increased breast by one cup size with Adivive
fat transfer to breasts.

4. Non Surgical Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Whether it’s from trauma or ethnicity, some patients have deficient nasal bridges or dorsal humps that may be unsightly. With the use of particular fillers, such as Radiesse or Coapatite, these deficiencies may be corrected non surgically. It’s extremely beneficial to patients that have been considering permanent cosmetic surgery but aren’t sure if it’s the right choice. This procedure gives them the opportunity to “test” their new look before a more permanent procedure.

Downtime for Non Surgical Nose Job: One day or less.

5. Chin Augmentation

Just as a non surgical nose job, fillers may used in augmenting the chin without permanent surgery. Sometimes a combination of SlimLipo neck tightening in conjunction of a filler to enhance the chin may be performed for an optimal result.

Downtime for Non Surgical Chin Augmentation and/or SlimLipo Neck Tightening: Two to four days.

Patient received SlimLipo neck tightening to enhance chin.

Men and women alike are seeking new and less invasive ways to enhance their appearance without having to take a leave of absence at work or lose important time with their family. If you have been considering plastic surgery, contact Dr. Lewis Obi at 904-399-0905 to see if you’re a candidate for non or minimally invasive cosmetic enhancements.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Finding Harmonious Balance and Symmetry with Cosmetic Surgery

Being born with a perfect body or facial symmetry is very rare - in fact it’s very unusual to have identical body halves. One of the hallmarks of striking beauty is the presence of symmetry.

Aphrodites Compredending the Wisdom of Phoebe - Compliments of Obiarts Inc.
For most people, the imbalance is virtually undetectable, but sometimes it may be a little more noticeable. One breast may be a cup size larger, the nose may be deviated and even an eyebrow may be higher than its counterpart. When the balance becomes more than just a minor issue, corrective surgery may be necessary to attain optimal symmetry.

Body Asymmetry

Breast Balance
One of the most common issues women report with their breasts are asymmetrical cup sizes. An extreme example is a rare situation that Dr. Lewis Obi encountered several years ago:

In most cases, a patient may have a breast that is a complete cup size larger than the other. Typically, to correct this imbalance, a plastic surgeon will use breast implants and/or other techniques. For patients with moderate asymmetries who do not wish to receive implants, there are other viable options including Adivive fat transfer and SlimLipo Laser tightening/reduction. With the Adivive procedure, fat is harvested from an area of undesirable fat. The fat is then processed by the totally enclosed Adivive system with centrifuges and filters to develop a purer and more viable fat graft. This purer form of fat is then added to the breasts to restore breast symmetry and performed without incisions nor sutures. The opposite breast may then be reduced and or tightened with the SlimLipo Laser platform...again non-surgically.

Post-lumpectomy patient received Adivive in the left breast and
SlimLipo to tighten/reduce the right breast (non surgical)
Glute Balance
Similar to the breasts, the glutes may be asymmetrical also. Although it may not be visible to the casual eye, someone with a more critical eye may notice the dissimilarities. Again, the combination of Adivive fat grafting to one side with the possibility of SlimLipo tightening are non surgical tools to enhance the buttocks.

Stomach, Waist and Hips
As we age, fat may deposit in lower areas of the body and become increasingly difficult to burn with diet and exercise alone. It may be necessary to remove fat via SlimLipo laser lipolysis in order to balance out the waist, stomach and thighs. Most commonly, women opt to receive laser liposuction and breast implants at the same time in order to not appear too top or bottom heavy after they’ve healed. 

Facial Asymmetry

Uneven Eyebrows
Whether it’s a nerve or muscle malfunction, uneven eyebrows are common among men and women alike. In the past, plastic surgeons have performed brow lifts if the asymmetry is way off but most recently, it’s been discovered that Botox can aide in the correction of the raised brow. Dr. Lewis Obi has a proprietary brow lift procedure he’s been performing for over 30 years called the LJO Brow Lift that also can assist in the correction of the raised or droopy brow to create a more symmetrical appearance.

Cheeks and Lips
The facial skeleton and the overlying soft tissues of the face are uneven in 99% of people but usually not noticed except by close observation. However when the patient becomes aware of the asymmetry, they often consult with a plastic surgeon. Minor asymmetries are generally not treated but with the advent of non invasive treatments such as fillers, Botox, Adivive, etc. then more of these patients are helped. 

Nose and Chin Balance
The ideal profile balance for the face would be a less prominent nose and a more prominent chin. Whether the imbalance occurred from birth or trauma, it can be corrected – surgically and non surgically. Chin implants can be placed for deficient chins, while removal of cartilage from the nose may be necessary to minimize the appearance of the nose. For non surgical options, the use of fillers – such as Radiesse and Coapetite – may be used to correct profile disproportion. View our past blog about nose and chin augmentation.

An experienced plastic surgeon with an eye for balance, will recommend proportionately optimal solutions when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Sometimes bigger isn’t better and smaller isn’t the solution. Your plastic surgeon should be sure to examine your entire body and medical history to attain the proper solution to your needs.

Dr. Lewis Obi is a nationally recognized plastic surgeon in Jacksonville, Florida with over 30 years of experience. He is an international lecturer and pioneer plastic surgeon in the area of lasers, adult-derived stem cell fat grafting and traditional plastic surgery techniques.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Benefits of Adivive Autologous Fat Transfer for Breasts

Dr. Lewis Obi is frequently asked questions regarding his use of Adivive autologous fat transfer on patients and its benefits. The following is one of the most commonly asked questions.

What are some of the benefits of Adivive fat 
transfer for breasts? 

Dr. Lewis Obi explains: "I have had mixed results and find this technique most useful for smaller volume fat grafting (100-150cc per breast) than most of my colleagues are performing. I have experienced better results in patients requiring perhaps one cup size enlargements such as in the lumpectomy/irradiation patients, breast lift patients and for cosmetic patients with moderate asymmetry of the breasts."

Friday, September 14, 2012

Dreaming of an LJO Brow Lift

The desire to have the perfect brow line is common among men and women. Men may prefer a lower (without a droopy or tired look) brow line as women may prefer higher, arched brows (without appearing startled). With age, drooping may occur giving the impression of a more tired or angry visage. Correction of the brow line may be necessary to prevent impediment of vision or to obtain a more youthful appearance.

Pictures of Perfection. Aphrodites Dream (on left) and the Modern Day Aphrodite (on right)
Courtesy of Obiarts, Inc and Palomar Perfection Magazine (respectively)

Whatever the case may be, achieving your ideal brow line is easier than you think. Over the past 30 years, Dr. Lewis Obi has been performing his proprietary brow lift: The LJO Brow Lift. The procedure itself takes about 20 minutes to perform and patients almost never report any residual scarring. He has performed over 5,000 brow lifts to-date and continues to perfect his technique, especially with the recent additions of Adivive and PRP.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Acne: Preventing, Treating and Scar Revision After Acne

Acne plagues most everyone. From pre-pubescent teens to adults, anyone can experience acne. These unsightly imperfections can be the root cause of diminished self-esteem and well-being. Acne comes in all forms and sizes and can last from days until months. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent, manage and even treat post-acne scars.

How is Acne Formed?

Acne begins in the sebaceous glands – the glands that are home to hair follicles and produce oil to naturally moisturize the skin. If dead skin cells or dirt are trapped, sebaceous glands work overtime to produce oil to expel whatever is clogging the pore. Typically, these conditions are the cause for bacteria growth and the swelling of the pore - in turn the visible affects are red or inflamed bumps on the face.

How to Prevent Acne

Hygiene and diet are keys for the upkeep of healthy skin. Here are a few ways to prevent the formation of acne:
  • Washing the face with gentle, alcohol-free cleansers at least twice per day.
  • Women especially need to wash their face during their nighttime routine. Makeup will only exasperate the formation of acne.
  • Gentle exfoliation keeps pores from becoming clogged. Using a gentle brush such as the Clarisonic can slough away dead skin cells and oil. An acne scrubbing brush head is also available for the Clarisonic.
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid sugary and caffeinated beverages.
  • Avoid junk food. Instead consume raw, healthy veggies and nutrients.
The Clarisonic Mia - available at Renaissance

Ways to Treat Acne

Luckily there are many treatment options for acne. In less severe cases, simple toners and topical treatments may be used to reduce flare-ups, but in severe cases of acne, over-the-counter treatments may not be a viable option. There are several prescription treatments available as well as procedures that can be performed to help with existing eruptions or to prevent/reduce formation.

SkinMedica developed a peel, similar to chemical peels, called the Vitalize Peel that encourages the exfoliation of the outer layer of skin that promotes the restructure of collagen. The peel is relatively mild and a patient may peel for up to four days following but the result is smooth, supple skin. It also removes any fine lines, sun damage or acne spots that may have incurred overtime.

Another optimal treatment is Kinerase’s prescription only retinoid treatment called Pro-Therapy Tretinoin Gel. This gel’s ingredients provide powerful pore unclogging power. It works to diminish acne-causing bacteria to prevent future skin eruptions.

Kinerase Pro-Therapy Tretinoin Gel 0.05% available at the Renaissance

Treating Acne Scars with Lasers

The emotional and physical distress from acne scars can affect one’s whole sense of well-being. Fortunately, the memories of scars aren’t something you have to live with. There are several post-acne treatments that can reduce and sometimes erase the visible signs of scarring. With Fractional Lasers, such as Palomar’s Icon, the skin can be resurfaced and smoothed in virtually pain-free sessions. Depending on the severity of scarring, several treatments may be necessary but the results are astounding!

Before and after images of patient with acne scars that utilized the Icon Fractional Laser.

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