Friday, September 28, 2012

Sydney, Chicago and Beyond

September has been a very active month for Dr. Lewis Obi. His lectures in Chicago and Sydney, Australia were met with enthusiasm as Dr. Obi continues to establish a new paradigm for plastic surgery. “Plastic Surgery in the New Age: SlimLipo, Adivive, PRP and More” was the title of his presentations in Chicago and Sydney.

From Dr. Lewis Obi's Sydney Lecture
As a pioneering plastic surgeon for adult-based stem cell fat and laser lipolysis, he has made a significant contribution to the clinical practice of his specialty. This week, he is spearheading the third round of clinical studies for a new laser platform for the treatment of cellulite.

Dr. Lewis Obi and His Team Prepping for Surgery
Although Dr. Lewis Obi is a veteran plastic surgeon, what has maintained his preeminent and active status is that he continues to reinvent himself. Four years ago he was one of the first plastic surgeons to adopt the SlimLipo laser technology, 22 months ago the first to acquire an FDA approved stem cell fat processing system (Adivive) and now he is pioneering new laser technology. Also, within the next week, he is introducing the new Vectus™ hair laser as well as the Emerge™ fractional laser platform.
Vectus™ Laser
Emerge Fractional Laser
This wide array of advanced technologies are available only in major world class cities. However, all of the technology of our modern world has not replaced the artistic talents of the surgeon. Dr. Lewis Obi is perhaps the only plastic surgeon in the world who is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Art, FRSA (London). He epitomizes the quote “Medicine's contribution to art is the art of plastic surgery” (title of many of Dr. Lewis Obi’s lectures and publications).
Pygmalions Creation by Daniel, courtesy of Obiarts Inc.

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