Thursday, July 19, 2012


Unsightly scars, whether from surgery, acne, childbirth or trauma, can make an individual understandably feel self-conscious and feel the need to cover-up. And since it’s summertime, the need to get out and enjoy the sunny weather is a must. Warm weather means less clothing and less clothing means the visibility of embarrassing, sometimes even painful, scars.

Scars are not only more visible in the summertime, but they are also more vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays. These are typically the reasons why scar revision and reduction is one of the most sought-after procedures during the warm season.

Scar Revision Through the Icon Laser

Through fractional laser technology, individuals that suffer emotional or physical pain from acne or other facial scars can improve their way of life with this less invasive procedure. With the Icon laser, light is pulsed on the skin’s surface to trigger healthy new tissue formation. And most importantly, this scar removal treatment is perfect for any skin type and little-to-no pain is felt and healing time is minimal allowing patients to get back to enjoying life.

Keloids (raised, thick scar tissue) may also be revised and reduced with the Icon Laser. The laser can reduce and smooth the appearance of heavy scars for any skin type.

Stretch marks may also be reduced via fractional non-ablative skin resurfacing -smoother skin is achieved with minimal downtime.

During the month of July, the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic is offering one complimentary laser procedure for stretch marks with a qualifying SlimLipo procedure. Restrictions do apply; contact our Jacksonville plastic surgery center for details.

The Renaissance, Center for Cosmetic Renewal was the first med spa in Jacksonville to receive Palomar’s Icon Laser System, which is also utilized at Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic. The Renaissance was also the first to receive the Skintel Melanin Reader which allows the aesthetician to receive an accurate reading of a patient’s sun exposure resulting in a more accurate treatment level.

Watch these scar removal videos provided by Palomar, demonstrating scar removal procedures.


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