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Rhinoplasty can be performed for both aesthetic goals (cosmetic); or for reconstructive purposes to correct birth and traumatic defects or breathing problems. Dr. Lewis Obi has extensive experience in both areas as he underwent training in the areas of cosmetic as well as reconstructive surgery. Early in his career while a medical student, Dr. Obi wrote an internationally published paper entitled “History of Rhinoplasty - An Epitome of Plastic Surgery”.
This account chronicles the history of plastic surgery back to the Edwin Smith Papyrus which dates back to 1500 BCE. Therefore, techniques of reconstructive rhinoplasties have been performed for at least 3500 years. For a more detailed historic account of plastic surgery, you may refer to our February Newsletter on the article entitled “ASPS BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON”. In this article, mention is made of a rare book completed by Renaissance plastic surgeon Gaspar Tagliacozzi in 1597 which is part of Dr. Lewis Obi’s collection.
The following pictures reveal only a few of the literally hundreds of rhinoplasty patients that Dr. Lewis Obi has operated on. In addition to cosmetic rhinoplasties, Dr. Obi is also skilled in reconstructive procedures directed towards deformities resulting from birth defects, ablative cancer surgery and trauma.


More recently, the “Non Surgical Nose Job” was popularized by plastic surgeons in Los Angeles with the use of collagen fillers. However, prior to that time, Dr. Lewis Obi was performing similar procedures with the use of longer lasting injectable fillers. Radiesse™ which is an injectable microsphere (calcium hydroxylapatite) and its cousin Coaptite™ injectable implant are both useful for non surgical nose jobs. In the case of deficient nasal bridges, such as in the Asian or African noses, nasal augmentation may be performed as an office procedure and with no down time. For dorsal humps (bumps on the bridge of the nose) exemplified by many ethnic noses, the deformity may be obscured with these injectable agents. These same injectable fillers are also useful for augmenting deficient chins and cheek bones. Improvement with Coaptite™ may last more than one year whereas Radiesse™ is shorter lasting.


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