Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Importance of Maintenance and Touch-ups Following Facelift

The longevity of most facelifts is between five to 10 years and depends on the surgical technique utilized. Maintenance of results is important and includes avoidance of sun damage, good skin care and a healthy life style.

Aging is a dynamic process and through the years, it may be necessary to maintain results with various touch-up procedures. Facelifts are one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgery procedures for significant facial rejuvenation.
OPERA Lift Plus Patient
As with any plastic surgery, it may be necessary to revise and touch-up several years following a facelift procedure. In fact, maintenance and touch-up following a facelift may even enhance a patient’s results. Laser resurfacing, fillers and a healthy skin regimen may help delay the aging process but will not prevent the inevitable.

Recent advances in medicine have made revision procedures after facelifts much easier and virtually non invasive. There are many post-facelift options available to enhance and rejuvenate your looks.
  • OPERA Lift: The OPERA Lift Minor is an ideal technique for patients with minimal sag, deep folds and soft tissue deficiency.
  • Adivive: Is a more natural filler derived from one’s own fat. It’s filtered then used in rejuvenation. When enhanced with PRP, longer lasting results are incurred.
  • SlimLipo: Can remove unwanted fat and sag in the neck and is particularly effective after a facelift. Its skin tightening effects result almost instant and the patient enjoys practically no down time.
  • PRP: Platelet-rich Plasma is derived from one’s own blood which is centrifuged and filtered into a clear solution. PRP is utilized in both surgical and non-surgical procedures to enhance results and prevent bruising.
  • TCA Peel (35% TriChlorAcetic Acid): Dr. Lewis Obi is one of the few plastic surgeons still utilizing this technique of skin resurfacing. In select patients, this technique is more effective and longer lasting than laser resurfacing. 
  • Icon Laser: Fractional (Fraxel) resurfacing reduces wrinkles, sun damage and loose skin non invasively. Three treatments are usually required but there is minimal down time. 
  • Photofacial Rejuvenation: Photofacials assist in maintaining skin clarity and firmness. 
  • Botox and Fillers: These injectables either smooth any creases and wrinkles as well as restore facial volume. Both are ideal for patients seeking touch-ups several times a year.
SlimLipo of the neck
It is especially important for more mature patients to maintain their skin after a facelift as it becomes increasingly difficult to correct damage and wrinkles during one’s golden years.
Visit our Growing Old Gracefully blog to follow a patient of over a 35-year period that received facelift touch-ups and has maintained her phenomenal looks.

Age 55-LJO Browlift, mid Facelift, and Chemical Peel

Age 68- Limited lifts and refinements of face neck, and nose

Age 75-Refinements
Age 85- OPERA Lift

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