Monday, August 6, 2012

Stem Cells Extracted Via Liposuction Utilized for Facial Fillers and Most Recently Blood Vessels

Researchers from the University of Oklahoma have successfully extracted adult stem cells and used them to generate healthy blood vessels.

For nearly a decade, the researchers at UO have been experimenting with the possibility of extracting adult stem cells and creating a “vascular graft from fat stem cells with muscle cells making up the blood vessel’s wall.”

The stem cells are extracted from fat tissue via liposuction and refined to pure adult stem cells – similar to the Adivive Fat Processing Unit used by Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic. Traditionally, the researchers at UO extracted adult stem cells from patients’ bone marrow but realized it wasn’t tolerated well by patients. They turned to liposuction once they realize it was easier and it helped patients get rid of unwanted body fat.

Adult Stem Cells Suitable for Transfer
Building blood vessels from one’s own adult stem cells could eliminate most complications and infections during heart bypass surgery. Dr. Matthias Nollert explains, “About a third of the people that end up with complications after having bypass are re-hospitalized because of the donor site. By doing a tissue engineered vessel, we could really save an enormous amount of pain and suffering. You can do liposuction, which is excess tissue as opposed to pulling out a blood tissue that you really need.”

In the emerging field of adult stem cells research, medical breakthroughs to help reconstruct the body or provide therapeutic alternatives to particular diseases are constantly being made. The most recent being the Adivive Fat Processing Unit that has helped hundreds of women reconstruct their breasts after breast cancer. Dr. Lewis Obi was one of the first doctors in the United States to utilize this groundbreaking platform to reconstruct breasts and to generate a natural filler for the face. To learn more about Adivive, please visit our web site for more information.

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  1. What are the possible side effects of this process? How long is the recovery period? Thanks.


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