Monday, August 13, 2012

The Botox Trend in Men – Why More Men are Turning to Botox and Cosmetic Rejuvenation to Refresh Their Looks

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As the stress of the economy takes a toll on the majority of the country, many people are now turning to Botox to erase the visible signs of stress and worry. Botox and fillers are the entry point to plastic surgery for men and their concerns parallel those of women. However, men are not as open about their true feelings as women are. This reticence emanates from the macho attitude of men based on their male upbringing. As a result, men have unconsciously avoided plastic surgery procedures.

However this attitude has been significantly altered by the recent development of less invasive procedures that go beyond Botox and fillers. Dr. Lewis Obi has been in the forefront of these new non invasive techniques that provide both genders many new options. It is notable that the population of male patients have doubled at the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic during the past few years because of these new treatments.

One of the most common body sculpting procedures for men is the reduction of the “spare tire” around the waist and abdomen. The SlimLipo platform more effectively accomplishes this with the patient returning to work in two days. Of interest is that the same laser non surgically tightens the neck and the fat from the abdomen may be processed into a purified and durable filler for facial renewal.

 Botox and the LJO Brow Lift

Penny Velie MSN, FNP-C
One of the benefits of Botox is to lift the lateral brow to minimize the tired look that is age and stress related. The LJO Brow Lift basically produces similar results that are more permanent and minimally invasive. Dr. Obi confides that he periodically indulges by having Penny Velie provide him with the benefits of Botox and fillers. "Penny is one of the best and most experienced nurse practitioners that has ever treated me. I am very fortunate to have her not only treat me but also my patients." 

More severe and tired looks may need a more permanent solution such as a brow lift. Over the past 30 years, Dr. Lewis Obi has been performing a less invasive brow lift, the LJO Brow Lift, on his patients to erase deep creases and droopy brow lines. This procedure boasts a 15 to 20 minute surgical time and nearly scarless results. 

To learn more about rejuvenating procedures for men, visit the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic web site and explore all of our cosmetic surgery procedures, before and after photos and more.

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