Monday, August 27, 2012

Enhancing Breasts Without Implants

Dr. Lewis Obi is Asked to Share his Adivive Expertise with of Australia’s Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Magazine. 

Active involvement and contribution to medical studies and education is an important factor in the success of Dr. Lewis Obi and is reflected in his patient care.

As an internationally recognized plastic surgeon, Dr. Lewis Obi was recently interviewed as an authority on Adivive Breast Enhancing by Australia’s leading health and beauty magazine “Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty.” In the article, written by Jenni Gilbert, Dr. Obi is quoted regarding his use and success of the Adivive Fat Transfer System to date. Coincidentally, Dr. Obi acquired the first FDA approved unit in the United States in January of last year.

“In my experience, the Adivive Fat Transfer System provides a cleaner, more concentrated fat of extraordinary quality,” says Dr. Lewis Obi of his 25 years of experience with fat grafting.

Dr. Obi was also the first plastic surgeon in Jacksonville to utilize the Adivive Fat Processing Unit and has performed over 100 successful fat grafting procedures – anatomically this includes the face, neck and breasts.

Incidentally, Dr. Lewis Obi will be presenting at a major Australian symposium via Skype in September after a similar presentation on site in Chicago.

Be sure to read the upcoming September Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic newsletter for details of the article.


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