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With the exception of marketing terminology (“lifestyle lift”, “MACS” lift, etc.), facelifting procedures have advanced minimally during the past 30 years. Although my basic approach to facial rejuvenation has persevered during my entire plastic surgery career, the embellishments and enhancements have significantly improved results and diminished down time. My basic artistry continues to be evident but with the integration of advanced lasers, refined fat grafting techniques (Adivive™) and the use of PRP (platelet rich plasma), patient’s are experiencing more dramatic facial and neck rejuvenation.  Finesse with the use of all of the above technology has reduced recovery time by almost 50%. Most recently, I have integrated the Canfield 3-D camera system so that preoperative planning is more visual and patients may view their results prior to surgery This preoperative scanning is available not only to our facelift patients but equally effective for rhinoplasty, chin and cheekbone augmentation patients. We routinely perform 3-D scanning for all of our breast surgery patients.

Imaging Room at the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic

The face lift techniques that set me apart from my local colleagues and the majority of plastic surgeons globally includes first of all the LJO Brow lift.  I innovated this technique more than 30 years ago and have performed this procedure on more than 3000 patients.  In my opinion the LJO Brow lift is the least invasive and most successful brow lifting technique. It absolutely avoids the “deer in the headlights” distortion seen with the endoscopic  and other forehead lift techniques performed by many of my colleagues.  With facility, the LJO Brow Lift may be performed in less than 20 minutes and rarely results in any noticeable scars.  More recently I have included advanced fat grafting with the Adivive™ Fat Processing system that concentrates stem cells and eliminates oils as well as other extraneous components that interfere with survival of the fat graft. This is combined with PRP (autologous platelet rich plasma) which additionally improves graft take and significantly minimizes bruising. Finally, the component of a total facelift that has the shortest longevity is sag of the neck skin and persistent platysma neck bands. During the past five years I have combined SlimLipo™ skin tightening with surgical tightening of skin and muscles in the neck.

Extended mid facelift, rhinoplasty and SlimLipo laser neck tightening

(Classical OPERA LIFT developed by Dr. Lewis Obi)

As a lifelong patron of the arts and perhaps the only American plastic surgeon who is a Fellow of the Royal Society London (FRSA), I think that my artistry is pervasive in all of my work. We always try to reduce the art of Plastic Surgery to a science but when your surgery is complete, you should want to have both an artist and plastic surgeon emerge from the operating room. 

Dr. Lewis Obi’s art career includes his work in England with British artist Daniel Samuels (WWW.DANIELSAMUELS.COM) and the discovery of American Modernist Manierre Dawson in 1979. He was nominated as a Fellow of the Royal Society, London in 1986.

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