Tuesday, September 13, 2011


During the past three years, Dr. Lewis Obi has worked closely with Palomar Medical Technology in developing clinical applications for their LifeSculpt laser platform and more recently combining this unique tool with Palomarʼs Adivive Fat Processing Unit. In fact, Dr. Lewis Obi was provided with the first FDA approved Adivive system in the United States. Developed by Dr. He Young Lee in South Korea, this system is the only totally self contained unit that processes adult fat into a stem cell concentrated filler useful for both cosmetic and reconstructive applications. To date, Dr. Lewis Obi has completed approximately 50 Adivive Fat Grafting procedures and 350 LifeSculpt (SlimLipo) cases. Because of Dr. Obiʼs leadership and broad depth of experience in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery, he has advanced this area of plastic surgery into a totally new paradigm. His upcoming lecture at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) in Denver later this month entitled “The New Facelift in the New Economy: Combining Modalities for Customized Results” will unveil his unique approach to total face and neck rejuvenation.

There are many benefits of this approach in terms of results, his most recent adaptation of these combined treatments avoids the need IV sedation and the patient returns to work after a short recovery. Depending on the extent of the procedures, the fee for this new and relatively non-invasive facelift would range between $3500 to $4900. The procedures include the use of the patients own fat processed and condensed by the Adivive system. This may then be injected into facial areas such as the cheek creases, the marionette creases, lips, cheekbone areas and chin. In addition to the Adivive facial rejuvenation, neck tightening with the LifeSculpt (SlimLipo) system may also be performed at the same time. Both procedures are generally performed under local anesthesia with a preoperative sedation taken orally as an option. The majority of patients may have these procedures performed on a Friday and return to work on the following Monday. The fee for Adivive facial fat grafting performed in this manner is $3500. If LifeSculpt laser neck tightening is performed at the same time then the total fee would be $4900. It should be noted that currently, comprehensive Adivive Fat Grafting facial procedures are performed under nurse sedation because larger quantities of fat is harvested, processed and then injected into more diffused facial areas. This technique also results in a larger fee and more recovery time.

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