Friday, September 23, 2011


This weekend Dr. Lewis Obi delivers his presentation on The New Facelift in the New Economy at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons meeting in Denver. To commemorate this event, the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic are providing a choice of non-surgical options at more affordable fees. Most of these procedures may be performed with preoperative sedation and minimum down time.

Non-surgical Necklift with LifeSculpt (SlimLipo)
1 to 2 days down time - $2000

Learn more about LifeSculpt

Non-surgical Facelift (3D Spacelift) with Adivive Fat Grafting (stem-cell rich)
$3500 for limited face - 3 days average down time

Learn more about Adivive Fat Grafting

Non-Surgical Facelift (Adivive) and Non-Surgical Necklift (LifeSculpt)-Combined
$4900 (with limited Adivive) - complimentary Botox with this package

Learn more about LifeSculpt
Learn more about Adivive Fat Grafting

Dr. Lewis Obi has performed LifeSculpt (SlimLipo) on 340 patients including 150 neck procedures during the past 35 months. As Palomarʼs first provider of Adivive™ stemcell concentrated fat grafting system, Dr. Obi has treated more than 50 patients. Patients may have these procedures performed on Wednesday, Thursday or Fridays and return to work in 2 to 3 days. For sake of economy, some patients elect to have limited eyelid and/or browlift procedures performed at the same time. The full face Adivive procedures along with eyelid surgery does require a longer recovery time.

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