Wednesday, June 6, 2012


In January of 2011, Dr. Lewis Obi became one of the first surgeons in the United States to utilize the Adivive autologous fat grafting procedure, the first FDA-approved fat processing unit pioneered by MediKahn and Palomar Medical Technology.

The Adivive system is especially ideal for breast cancer patients and the reconstruction of breasts for women avoiding the use of breast implants or complicated flap procedures. Using one’s own stem cell concentrated fat for reconstruction is a viable alternative and can often times be performed without general anesthesia. Obviously the complexities of flap/implant reconstruction and their inherent risks are also avoided.

Dr. Katora Yoshimura & Dr. Obi
Recently, actress Suzanne Somers revealed that she received a stem cell breast reconstruction procedure after her battle with breast cancer. After refusing the typical pre- and post-cancer treatments, Somers held series of meetings with Dr. Yoshimura, Dr. Lewis Obi’s Adivive colleague, and became of the first women in the U.S. to receive this breakthrough procedure. L.A. plastic surgeon Joel Aronowitz performed Suzanne Somers' stem cell concentrated  fat grafting procedure. On her series “Suzanne Somers Breaking Through” she revealed not only her story, but also a video chronicling her surgery.

*Warning: There is graphic imagery in this video

Ironically, both Dr. Aronowitz and Dr. Lewis Obi were featured in Plastic Surgery Practice magazine recently. Dr. Obi was the cover story for the June 2011 PSP edition whereas Dr. Aronowitz was featured in a story for the January 2012 PSP issue. Dr. Obi is also one of the leading plastic surgeons in the United States to perform such cutting-edge procedures and continues to explore new and innovative techniques in plastic surgery. The creative environment that has been established at the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic provides patients with many more choices both in the area of reconstructive as well as aesthetic plastic surgery. We invite you to explore Dr. Obi’s work with Adivive patients and view before and after photos of Adivive results.


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