Monday, June 18, 2012


Some children can be born with facial deformities or suffer from trauma that may cause them to feel as an outcast from society or may pose difficulty functioning on a day-to-day basis. Typically, these deformities may only be resolved through corrective surgery and unfortunately, not everyone can afford the costs of corrective surgery nor will insurance cover. Luckily, there are plastic surgeons that are dedicated to providing a better quality of life for those less fortunate. Dr. Lewis Obi is among those dedicated cosmetic surgeons that have helped numerous patients-in-need correct deformities on a pro bono basis. And just as most surgeons that help the less fortunate, Dr. Obi finds these cases among the most personally rewarding.

Another group of surgeons dedicating their lives to transforming the lives of children through corrective surgery is The Little Baby Face Foundation.

One of their most recent cases involved a 9-year-old boy born with a “lop-ear deformity” causing his ears to stick out further than usual. Unfortunately, this deformity caused bullying and teasing at his school. When his mother found him looking at himself in the mirror and pulling his ears back, she realized that something had to be done. They soon discovered the LBFF after learning the surgery would cost too much and insurance would not cover. Watch this heartwarming video below of little Trenton Vance and his journey with LBFF.


Although cosmetic surgery should not be utilized as a response to bullying, it can often alleviate societal taunting, and correct deformities and abnormalities.

The creative environment that has been established at Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic allows Dr. Obi to provide patients, sometimes on a pro bono basis, with many choices in the area of reconstructive and corrective surgery. One of the most exceptional being a technique of correcting Lop Ear Deformities, pioneered by Dr. Lewis Obi over 35 years ago. View more before and after photos of ear surgery and otoplasty patients.

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