Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Dr. Lewis Obi has been performing Liposuction techniques on his patients for approximately 30 years. These procedures, also known as “Lipoplasty”, “Liposculpture” and “Suction lipectomy” , have been performed since the 1960’s but popularized by French surgeon Dr. Yves-Gerard Illouz in the 1970’s. Modern Liposuction burst on the scene in 1982 with the presentation of Dr Illous’s paper in 1982. In 1985, Dr. Jeffrey Kline introduced his high volume infusion technique containing lidocaine and epinephrine (known as the tumescent technique). In the late 1990’s, ultrasound was introduced to facilitate fat removal by first liquefying the fat utilizing ultrasonic energy. However, frequent complications from this technique encouraged surgeons to continue with the traditional mechanical methods of fat removal. Although refinements in the traditional technique of liposuction have improved results slightly, it was not until lasers were introduced that significant improvements occurred. SmartLipo™ preceded Palomar’s introduction of the SlimLipo (LifeSculpt)™ platform. Unfortunately, the wrong wave lengths and design deficiencies compromised safety and results with SmartLipo. Palomar PhD laser experts researched laser wave lengths for more than a decade before identifying appropriate wave lengths which they acquired patents for. Palomar introduced SlimLipo almost four years ago and Dr. Lewis Obi was one of the earliest providers of this technology. During this period of time, Dr. Obi has treated almost 400 patients and last year presented his results at five major symposiums. “In my opinion, traditional techniques of liposuction have become obsolete and the other laser technologies are flawed”, stated Dr. Lewis Obi during a recent interview.

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