Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The new Natrelle style 410 “Gummy Bear” implants were discussed on the “Morning Show” today during a live interview with Dr. Obi today. Bruce Hamilton asked several incisive questions around these new form-stable solid matrix implants. There has been intense public interest around the “410” implants which offer many advantages over implants currently used in the U.S. One week ago, Dr. Obi became the first Jacksonville plastic surgeon to use the Gummy Bear implants on one of his patients. He is scheduled to perform a replacement operation tomorrow on a patient requiring replacement of her implants. 

This was the third live Channel 4 TV interview for Dr. Lewis Obi in as many years. More than three years ago, Bruce Hamilton interviewed Dr. Obi regarding his pioneering introduction of a new laser technology SlimLipo™-LifeSculpt. More than two years ago, the first FDA cleared Adivive stem cell processing system was installed in the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic. Coincident with the downturn in the economy five years ago, there has been a paradigm shift in plastic surgery with a plethora of advances. This included new techniques, new technology and the introduction of new devices such as the Natrelle 410 breast implants. Dr. Lewis Obi continues to be an active leader in the “New Age of Plastic Surgery”, a title he has used during his last three lectures (New York, Los Angeles and Sydney). His schedule next month includes Boston, New York and Boca Raton.

Educational filming at the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic

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  1. I saw you on channel 4, you did great!


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