Friday, April 27, 2012


In the most recent years, exciting stem cell therapies and breakthroughs have occurred in the world of medicine – not only for humans but now for animals. Featured on, as well as the Florida Times Union, was an article regarding stem cell therapy for a family dog. It was interesting to see that a local veterinarian has instituted the use of stem cell therapy for his animal patients.

Of particular interest is that Dr. Lewis Obi has been processing adult fat into a stem cell concentrate, both for his aesthetic as well as his reconstructive patients, for the past 16 months via Adivive. Last year, he imported revolutionary equipment and technology to advance this science into the area of curative medicine.

Currently, he collaborating with medical specialists in Los Angeles, and abroad, in order to become part of an FDA approved investigational research board (IRB). Dr. Mark Berman of L.A. has established the California Stem Cell Treatment Center (CSCTC) and has asked Dr. Lewis Obi to become a consulting researcher in this newly founded organization.

Cells On Ice (COI) is an affiliate FDA approved organization which is fully operational as a storage facility for stem cells. If successful in this project, Dr. Lewis Obi will then affiliate with other specialties that may benefit patients with this new technology.

Stem Cell Therapy Process Photo Courtesy of Dr. Mark Berman and the California Stem Cell Treatment Center


Cellulite treatments are logically the most popular topics during bathing suit weather and weeding out the best cellulite treatments from the less effective treatments can be somewhat difficult. Especially since most false claims to be the best cellulite treatments. 

On April 10th, 2012, Dr. Bruce Katz was featured on The Today Show with introduction to the newly approved Cynosure™ laser Cellulaze cellulite treatment. No long term results beyond two years were cited and the jury is still out in regards to whether it is worth the cost. FDA approval for this cellulite treatment does not equate to whether a device is effective or totally safe. Cellulaze utilizes a YAG 1440 nm pulsed laser which allegedly interrupts the septal fibers which attach the skin to the fascia while melting the fat and tightening the skin. (What is cellulite and what causes cellulite?) The treatment is performed under local anesthesia and the cost is approximately $2500 per site ($5000 for both thighs). 

Groundbreaking Cellulite Treatments on the Horizon at Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic

Although Cellulaze™ is not available at the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic, Dr. Obi is in the process of working with a highly respected medical company that is currently in the clinical trials of a groundbreaking cellulite treatment. This new enhancement will allow him to combine current modalities with the cellulite treatment to enhance a patient’s results and quality of life.

VelaShape Platform
As Dr. Obi works closely during clinical trials of a more promising cellulite treatment, it will perhaps allow him to treat a larger population of patients with cellulite in the near future. Currently, the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic utilizes the VelaShape platform which will compliment the more effective laser techniques that may be available in the future.

In addition, the SlimLipo platform is an example of Dr. Obi’s commitment to safe and reliable treatments. He has performed over 400 successful SlimLipo procedures over the past two years and continues to combine SlimLipo with other revolutionary procedures, such as Adivive, to enhance patient’s results. With Adivive, a patient can use their own filtered fat for use in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for a better result.

 To learn more about cellulite and what causes it, refer to our recent cellulite blog.

Learn More About SlimLipo Laser Treatments

Visit the SlimLipo section of our web site or watch our YouTube videos below for more information

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


So what is cellulite? Cellulite is defined as “persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of skin, especially on the hips and thighs.” Cellulite is formed from rigid fiber strands that attaches the skin to the deep fascia. The strands form chambers that contains the fat cells. As fat cells expand, the rigid fiber attachments tether and dimple the skin surface i.e. cellulite (surface dimpling of skin.) 

Photo courtesy of VelaShape web site

Contrary to most cellulite definitions and beliefs, everyone is susceptible to cellulite. The cause of cellulite can range from genes to hormonal factors to activity level/lifestyle. Those pesky lumps and bumps that cause cellulite are from fat deposits that push and distort connective tissues beneath the skin. These fat deposits and fiber strands are the main culprits that cause cellulite. While women are the more prone to exhibit cellulite, men are also susceptible. 

Most treatments for cellulite are largely unsuccessful although the condition is minimized with FDA approved Velashape treatments. More recently a YAG laser device won FDA approval for the treatment of cellulite. The 1440 platform utilizes a small wand which transects the fibrous septa, melts the fat and tightens the skin, all in one treatment.  Velashape treatments have been available at the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic since last year. In the near future, the new YAG laser technology will also be available.


What Are The Best Cellulite Treatments?

Now more than ever, people are in search of the best cellulite treatments.  Whether it is through diet, topical treatments or exercise, there are many cellulite treatments that claim to diminish cellulite.

The truth is these so-called cellulite treatments don’t necessarily get rid of the cellulite. They may only slightly diminish the appearance of cellulite.


Groundbreaking Cellulite Treatment on the Horizon

Recently, there have been amazing breakthroughs in the treatment of cellulite that will not only effectively diminish the appearance of cellulite, but also have longer, lasting results. The May 2012 Newsletter will feature a discussion on this amazing groundbreaking device. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to read this article.


Find Out More About Cellulite Causes and Treatments

If you still have questions or not really sure what cellulite or what causes it, or if you’d like to learn more about cellulite treatments, contact Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Treatment for excessive underarm sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, is now possible through a cutting-edge procedure utilized by Dr. Obi and is available exclusively at our Jacksonville plastic surgery center.

Since employing this unique treatment for excessive underarm sweating, Dr. Lewis Obi  has developed a unique population of new patients in the area of axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating from the armpit) with a high degree of success. 

The axillary hyperhidrosis treatments may be performed with local anesthesia and with minimal downtime. Dr. Obi learned of this new application last year while presenting at an Advanced Symposium in New York City with fellow faculty member Dr. Afschin Fatemi from Germany. Dr Fatemi has the largest population of patients and he reports significant improvement in 90% of patients after one hyperhidrosis treatment. Only the SlimLipo laser platform has exhibited this degree of success with treating excessive underarm sweating and is less expensive long term than the use of Botox injections. Botox has been the main solution for hyperhidrosis treatments in the past.

The following video is courtesy of Dr. Fatemi and Palomar. The video shows how axillary hyperhidrosis treatments are applied through the use of SlimLipo.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Suncreen, Sun Protection and Alarming Rates of Melanoma and Skin Cancer in Adults Under 40

Warmer weather is right around the corner and that means less clothing and extreme sun exposure for most people who want to enjoy outdoor activities during the summer. Prolonged sun exposure is risky and potentially fatal, but taking proper preventative measures can decrease the risk of melanomas and skin cancers dramatically.
Recently, the amount of melanoma and skin cancer rates and cases have increasingly exceeded previous years making skin cancer one of the most common forms of cancer in the United States. (information courtesy of This is not only from prolonged sunlight exposure, but from indoor tanning exposure as well.

In previous years, as well as previous blog posts, Dr. Obi has presented the topic of sunscreen , sun protection and skin cancer. His hopes are to educate people of every age about the dangers of not only sun exposure, but potentially toxic sunscreen protection that may increase the development of melanomas.

Potentially Harmful Sunscreens

Some sunscreens may aide in the prevention of harmful UV rays, but have been known to cause serious developmental problems in individuals. Some of the sun blocking chemicals that have been known to be harmful are PABA, benzophenones, cinnamates, salicylates, digalloyl trioleate, oxybenzone and avobenzone. Read more about Dr. Obi’s skin cancer study here.

Best Form of Sun Protection

It’s difficult to avoid the sun altogether, especially when many outdoor activities include sun exposure. But there are protective measures that can be taken.

1. Avoid direct sun exposure between 10 am and 4 pm when the sun as at its harshest.
2. Wear appropriate clothing and head gear that protect your skin and face from exposure.

Be Aware of Your Body

Be sure to check yourself thoroughly for moles or spots that may change in color or size. We encourage you to seek professional assistance when doing so.

Dr. Obi is among the leading Jacksonville plastic surgeons that has helped many patients identify and safely remove harmful melanomas and skin cancers over the years and continues to educate all of his patients on the importance of sun protection and safety.

If you have any questions about sun protection, melanomas or skin cancer, we encourage you to contact Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic and schedule your consult with Dr. Obi.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Aphrodites Comprehending the Wisdom of Phoebe - signed ‘Daniel” compliments of Obiarts, Inc.

From the least invasive procedures such as Botox™Injections, Fillers and Laser Treatments to the more invasive techniques such as the OPERA Lift and plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Lewis Obi has the most experience and talent to perform such cosmetic services.

Dr. Obi is perhaps one of the leading plastic surgeons in Jacksonville, as well as the United States. Not only does Dr. Obi perform the latest, cutting-edge plastic surgery procedures on his patients, but he was a featured speaker at six advanced symposia last year. In addition, he’s often sought-after by major surgical technologies to spearhead their latest techniques or educate other plastic surgeons of their initiatives.

Over the past few years, Dr. Obi has assisted Palomar Technologies in perfecting their SlimLipo laser platform (also known as LifeSculpt)as well as the Adivive adult stem cell fat processing system. SlimLipo and Adivive allows Dr. Obi to safely treat all body areas simultaneously.

For more information about these procedures, be sure to visit the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic web site and explore the SlimLipo and Adivive pages.

Symphony of the Echoes of Light - signed ‘Daniel’- courtesy of Obiarts Inc.
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