Friday, April 27, 2012


In the most recent years, exciting stem cell therapies and breakthroughs have occurred in the world of medicine – not only for humans but now for animals. Featured on, as well as the Florida Times Union, was an article regarding stem cell therapy for a family dog. It was interesting to see that a local veterinarian has instituted the use of stem cell therapy for his animal patients.

Of particular interest is that Dr. Lewis Obi has been processing adult fat into a stem cell concentrate, both for his aesthetic as well as his reconstructive patients, for the past 16 months via Adivive. Last year, he imported revolutionary equipment and technology to advance this science into the area of curative medicine.

Currently, he collaborating with medical specialists in Los Angeles, and abroad, in order to become part of an FDA approved investigational research board (IRB). Dr. Mark Berman of L.A. has established the California Stem Cell Treatment Center (CSCTC) and has asked Dr. Lewis Obi to become a consulting researcher in this newly founded organization.

Cells On Ice (COI) is an affiliate FDA approved organization which is fully operational as a storage facility for stem cells. If successful in this project, Dr. Lewis Obi will then affiliate with other specialties that may benefit patients with this new technology.

Stem Cell Therapy Process Photo Courtesy of Dr. Mark Berman and the California Stem Cell Treatment Center

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