Monday, November 12, 2012

Opera Lift Monday - Opera House Friday

(Obi-Palomar External Rejuvenation Aesthetics)

Sydney Opera House

In an effort to view on-going results, Dr. Lewis Obi remains in contact with all of his patients, some patients spanning decades. Just this week alone, Dr. Lewis Obi received an email from a patient of 15 years, who had received his proprietary LJO Brow Lift, Fat Injections and Fillers, and traditional liposuction of the abdomen in 1998. In 2010, shortly after Dr. Obi received one of the first Adivive platforms in the United States, she came back to see him for “touch-up” surgery. At the suggestion of Dr. Obi, she received one of the first OPERA (Obi-Palomar External Rejuvenation Aesthetic) Lift Plus procedures performed at his plastic surgery clinic. The only surgical component was a limited excision of upper eyelid skin. 17 months later, she is still seeing excellent post-op results.

One of the major components of facial aging is loss of facial fat and atrophy of other soft tissue in the face. This results in redundancy and looseness of the facial and neck skin. Gravity does the rest and therefore the face sags. Vertical and horizontal tightening are the standard methods of plastic surgeons but often results in a “face lifted” look. These are techniques of the “Tailor Craft” of plastic surgeons and of course are sometimes necessary. However, the “Sculptor” class of plastic surgeons will address facial and body changes in a more three dimensional manner. Therefore, volume replacement as well tightening loose skin are both important in order to achieve optimal results. The only safe and economical large volume replacement is the use of condensed or stem cell concentrated fat (Adivive™ fat).

Pictured below is the same patient shown in the above photographs, but 14 years ago. Weight loss and the span of time resulted in the volumetric changes noted in the far left photograph. The non surgical restoration of volume with the patient’s own stem cell enhanced fat accounted for the striking rejuvenation. In place of a surgical neck lift, SlimLipo laser skin tightening added only 30 minutes to the procedure.

Some say the fountain of youth is unobtainable, but there are many people, like this patient, discovering ways to slow the aging process with Dr. Lewis Obi’s OPERA Lift.

Opera House “Ready” at Any Age

Most younger patients undergoing non surgical OPERA Lifts (Minor and Major) range in age from 35 to 50.

However, a significant population of patients above 65 and even into their eighties are submitting to this non surgical procedure internationally. Dr. Lewis Obi will be featured in a major upcoming plastic surgery book on the use of stem cell fat for aesthetic procedures. His chapter will feature many of the patients on this blog and his web site.

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  1. OPERA LIFT MAJOR provides a larger volume (40 to 80 cc) of Adivive Stem Cell Fat grafting to the face and includes SlimLipo of the neck. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from the patients blood is added to enhance the Adivive fat graft and to reduce bruising.
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