Saturday, October 20, 2012

Five Unique Cosmetic Renewal Procedures at the Lewis Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic

The use of lasers in cosmetic medicine has revolutionized plastic surgery, especially over the past decade. Our October Newsletter featured three news Palomar platforms to VIE for: Vectus™, Icon™ and Emerge. In addition, Dr. Lewis Obi has helped pioneer the technology with the SlimLipo Laser system, treating 500 patients during the past four years. With the evolution of this new technology, we are providing more effective and economical treatments in the areas of skin resurfacing, hair removal and skin tightening. These procedures have become the most popular minimally invasive treatments currently provided by plastic surgeons. We are summarizing these procedures in order of efficacy and popularity:

1. Non surgical body skin tightening and contouring with SlimLipo™

Above patient underwent both SlimLipo and bariatric surgery.

SlimLipo patient who returned to work after two days

2. Permanent Hair Reduction with the New Vectus™
Three weeks ago after acquiring on of the first Vectus™ laser platform in the state, Dr. Lewis Obi allowed his laser technician Denise to treat his entire back and had this comment: “I was totally amazed that the entire treatment took less than five minutes and with zero pain. I thought that she was only prepping my back and did not realized the treatment was complete.” Laser hair removal has been a popular alternative to waxing, shaving and plucking for several years now. But within the past few years, it has been difficult for some men and women to receive successful treatment sessions due to their skin tone, hair color and discomfort when large areas were treated. With the recent advances in laser hair removal platforms, such as the Vectus, full body laser hair removal can be performed in just minutes – on ALL hair types and skin types. Although it may seem to be a slightly more expensive alternative upfront, many men and women report saving thousands of dollars in the long-run.

3. Photo Facials with Pulsed Light Lasers
Sun damage, gin blossoms, rosacea and superficial veins may be treated through the use of a pulsed light laser. Typically laser treatments are less costly than creams and topical and results can be seen in just a few days – sometimes even within the same day.

4. Wrinkle Reduction with Fractional Laser
Aging is a dynamic part of life and wrinkles are just one of the affects that aging may show on the face. In the past, men and women have turned to plastic surgery to restore their youthful visage but with the recent advances in laser platforms, similar results may be achieved. Fractional lasers can break down facial lines and creases while encouraging new, healthy skin regeneration. The results can be seen just days following a procedure and downtime is significantly less than traditional facelifts.

5. Vascular Lesions and Rosacea
Again, on of the many applications of the Icon platform is the treatment ofvascular lesions (eg. facial spider veins and ruptured vessels) as well as rosacea. Results are quickly visible, relatively painless and dramatic.

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