Friday, May 13, 2011


In March, we announced that Dr. Lewis Obi was one of the major presenters at an advanced symposium in Dallas. Later this month Dr. Obi will not only share his 30 months of experience with Slim Lipo™ (LifeSculpt™) but also
present one of the earliest U.S. clinical applications of Adivive™. Palomar Medical Technology Inc. provided Dr. Lewis Obi with the first FDA approved Adivive (Lipokit) units in January and as of this week Dr. Obi has treated more than 20 patients with this new fat grafting system.

“The Adivive™ Fat Processing Unit is the only system that infuses tissues, harvests fat, centrifuges and delivers fat in a totally enclosed sterile system,” commented Dr. Obi. “My discussions with University of Tokyoʼs Chairman of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Yoshimura, this weekend in Boston, was a learning experience for me.” Dr. Obi comments that “Although I have been performing fat grafting at least ten years before Dr. Yoshimura, his research and publications have provided the world of medicine with a wealth of important data.”

Of interest is that Dr. Yoshimura and Dr. Lewis Obi are using the same Fat Processing System developed by Dr. He Young Lee of South Korea several years ago. Adipose derived stem cell (ADSC) fat is one of the most active areas of research not only in plastic surgery but in all areas of medicine. Because of higher survival rates of “cleaner” fat, the use of this technique has many new applications in both aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures.

For specific applications refer to our recent work with Adivive (Lipokit) patients on our website.


  1. What amazing news for breast cancer patients! Using your own unwanted fat to reconstruct breasts, AMAZING!

  2. This really is incredible!


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