Monday, August 31, 2009


Every three to five years, new names for allegedly "revolutionary techniques" for facial rejuvination emerge into the mainstream media. A recent example is the so-called "lifestyle facelift" which was preceded by the MACS lift, feather lift and more remotely the so-called "minilift." These titles are not propogated by our plastic surgery society but by more enterprising surgeons from various specialties. The “lunchtime” lift is another recent example of marketing ploys.

Dr. Obi has always kept-up with current techniques in plastic surgery along with personally developing new techniques in his specialty. A good example is the patientʼs photographs below taken at two weeks post surgery.

The procedures performed includes Dr. Obi's technique of brow lifting (developed 25 years ago), upper blepharoplasties, facelift and Slim Lipo tightening of the neck. The so-called "life style facelift" is slightly less-invasive but with more limited results and with less enduring improvement. There is no significant difference in down time nor cost to the patient with the more clinically established procedures.


  1. Do patients typically see results this quick or can it take longer?

  2. Well i think you have to wait for some time. You can't get the results immediately.

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