Monday, October 21, 2013


This month marks five years of SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) procedures in more than 600 patients and in almost 2500 anatomic zones with no major complications. In fact, I was one of the first plastic surgeons in the world to adopt Palomar Medical’s laser technology.

During this period, I have lectured at 15 or more major symposia and meetings and teaching literally hundreds of plastic surgeons internationally. 

Below are a few of the patients I have treated beginning with the first to the most recent patients.

First SlimLipo abdomen in October of 2008 on a 62 y/o who reduced 3 dress sizes

SlimLipo of abdomen & thighs November 2008 (#8/600+)

SlimLipo neck (2009) with local anesthesia and return to work next day

Slim Lipo Abdomen (2011)

Slim Lipo Abdomen 2013

My involvement with Palomar (now Cynosure/Palomar) led me to several other cutting edge innovations in plastic surgery. In the area of advanced fat grafting techniques, I was awarded the first FDA approved Adivive Fat Processing Unit. This led to my stem cell work with Drs. Mark Berman and Elliot Lander founders of the Cell Surgical Network based in California.

Long term results with stem cell enhanced Adivive Fat grafting

As noted on our blog of October 11, 2013, SlimLipo is only one of multiple technological advances integrated into my practice during this time span. The Lewis Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic is unique in the following areas:
  1. Global SlimLipo treatments
  2. Adivive fat grafting - first in the USA
  3. Opera Lift - my innovation
  4. LJO brow lift - my innovation
  5. Vectra XT imaging total body including breasts 
  6. Vectus Laser Platform - only one in Jacksonville
  7. First to introduce the Icon™ laser platform
  8. First to introduce Medlite C tattoo removal laser
  9. First AHCA licensed surgery center in Florida
Follow my website for forthcoming new technologies

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