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During the past four years, Dr. Lewis Obi has been one of the lead American plastic surgeons to introduce, develop and teach new and effective, minimally invasive procedures. “Plastic Surgery in the New Age” has been the title and theme of his international symposia in 2012. Slim Lipo, Adivive and PRP are but a few of the newer non invasive procedures he helped pioneer. 

This week’s new review will explore not only the most popular current plastic surgery procedures but also look into the top countries for plastic surgery. Although the USA is tops in plastic surgery in terms of sheer numbers, South Korea surpasses us when it comes to per capita numbers. Cosmetic surgery is also popular in both Greece and Italy where 10 procedures were performed for every 1,000 people in 2011.

Ironically, Valentine’s Day this year occurs on the second day of Lent and two days after “Fat Tuesday”.  Therefore our theme “An Era of Renewal” proposes some of the minimally invasive procedures exemplified below. These patients are but a few examples of “Plastic Surgery in the New Age - SlimLipo, Adivive, PRP & More”. Coincidentally, this was also the title of several lectures that Obi delivered last year. 

Typical SlimLipo Thigh results

Early SlimLipo results with minimal discomfort and bruising. Patient returned to work the next day.

Two days post SlimLipo treatment

Optimal results after SlimLipo Abdomen occurs after four months

SlimLipo after C-section - scars and residual skin may be removed with limited surgery at this point.

Simultaneous with SlimLipo treatments, fat from the abdomen may be processed with the Adivive system and used for Dr. Obi’s OPERA Lift (SlimLipo neck plus Adivive stem cell fat to face)

Non-invasive procedures are often combined with plastic surgery procedures to optimize results and to reduce scars. Below are examples of enhancing surgical results with the use of lasers and stem cells derived from unwanted fat.

Scarless Breast Augmentation - up to 50% cost savings if SlimLipo of abdomen and/or thighs performed at same time as augmentation

Excellent results after breast augmentation in a patient with breast deformities. These results may be improved with Adivive stem cell fat grafting to breast and laser lipolysis (SlimLipo) of abdomen.

Top patient: LJO Scarless Breast Augmentation
Bottom patient: Scarless laser breast lift with implants and abdominoplasty

Except for the breast augmentation with implants and the abdominoplasty, all of the procedures pictured above were minimally invasive....”PLASTIC SURGERY IN THE NEW AGE” by Lewis Obi, MD. For more information, link to our website Adivive and SlimLipo pages.

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