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A patient of the Renaissance, Center for Cosmetic Renewal sent this email to us, expressing thanks for helping to clear her problematic adult acne. She has been plagued with oily and acne-prone skin most of her life and found relief with our Vitalize Peel. Here is her story:

Patient with acne before Clarisonic
My entire life I’ve been plagued with problematic skin. Dry, oily, flakey, bumpy, pebbley…you name it, I’ve had it. My middle school years were the worst. I had oily skin, acne and braces to boot. By high school, my skin cleared up (and the braces came off) and things were looking good for me. I still dealt with the occasional blemish but it was nothing a little dab of concealer couldn’t handle. By my senior year, my skin had become the oiliest it had ever been – not to mention my pores seemed to have grown 10 times the normal size – and I couldn’t figure out why. I drank plenty of water and tried to not even touch my face, yet the oil and pore size plagued me, even through my college years.

Having Acne in Your 30s

Flash forward to my 30s. Literally, overnight, I started to develop acne again. It seemed as if my skin had a meeting and said, “Hey, let’s get a giant cluster of pimples on both cheeks near the jawline, add a few on the forehead and let’s go ahead and throw in a bunch of blackheads on the nose and under the eyes.”

About three months ago, I made an appointment to see Dr. Obi. He told me that when some women age, it becomes harder for them to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cells and that since my sebaceous glands (oil glands) were putting in double time, it was creating the perfect storm of bacteria in my pores – hence my acne. He recommended that I make an appointment with Denise at the med spa and have her give me a thorough cleaning.

My Experience with the Vitalize Peel

Denise, probably one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, strongly recommended a Vitalize Peel. She warned me that I would peel and I would peel GOOD. And she was right. The peel itself lightly removes the top layer of skin cells – along with any disgusting gunk that is clogging up your pores – and gently flakes away over a period of a few days. I can honestly say there was a bit of a sting during the application process, but nothing I couldn't handle and it was over within in a minute or two. I had my peel on a Thursday and by Friday my skin was GLOWING! But then Saturday I woke up and the flakes started and continued all the way through Monday. The flakes were easily concealable by good moisturizer.

Investing in the Clarisonic

Denise recommended that after I peeled completely, that I should invest in a Clarisonic. I was a little hesitant at first because of the price but I had often heard from friends that the “only problem you’ll have with your Clarisonic is you’ll wish you bought one sooner.” So I went ahead, bit the bullet and bought one from Dr. Obi's med spa.

 It’s been about two months since my Vitalize Peel and I can honestly say it’s been about two months of pure skin bliss! Never in my entire life of purchasing beauty products (and if you’re a woman, you know that’s a lot of dough) have I ever come across a product so wonderful – well, besides my Chi. I have gotten compliments from friends saying how I look like I’m glowing. And the best part is, I don’t know how, but my pores have not only shrunk in size but my oil glands have settled. I don’t get that “oil sheen” until about 5 pm everyday – whereas I used to get it about an hour after washing and cleaning my face.

If I can make any recommendations for women suffering from the same skin issues, it’s to do the same as I did. Invest the time and money. It’s well worth! And I wouldn’t recommend anyone but Denise and the gang at the Renaissance Center for Cosmetic Renewal to do so.
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