Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Plastic Surgeons and patients alike are attracted to acronyms that have
been utilized over the decades in an effort to promote new techniques.
Early in Dr Lewis Obi’s career the term “Mini Lift” was used as a marketing
tool to provide patients with alternatives to the more major and costly face
lifting procedures. The issue of down time from work and social activities
was also a consideration. About every five years or so since the term Mini
Lift was introduced, other trademark procedures have included the “Feather
Lift”, “MACS Lift” and “Life Style Lift”. Except for the “Feather Lift” which
was soon abandoned because of significant complications, none of the
other trademark procedures were unique. However with the recent advent
of advanced technology by Palomar, there is finally justification for a new
acronym The OPERA Lift”. Palomar Medical introduced the LifeSculpt
(SlimLipo) laser platform three years ago and Dr. Lewis Obi was one of the
earliest providers. This year Palomar introduced the Adivive Fat Processing
Unit and Dr. Obi acquired the first FDA approved system.

Dr. Lewis Obi has combined these two technologies and is now offering
patients with a significant alternative to traditional facelifting procedures.
The OPERA Lift is translated into the Obi Palomar External Rejuvenation
Aesthetics and is an entirely non-surgical procedure. Loose facial skin,
deep facial creases, indelible lines and eye hollows are minimized with
Adivive stem cell enhanced fat grafting (an average take of 52%). Neck
tightening is achieved with the Palomar SlimLipo laser platform. Down time
varies from 3 days to 10 days depending on the volume of fat grafting
utilized in the face. The pictures below reflect the patient immediately after
fat grafting and then 3 days later (OPERA minor). The introductory pictures
above reflect a longer recovery because of larger fat volume and the added
surgical procedures of an LJO browlift (OPERA major). The OPERA minor
procedure may be performed with oral sedation whereas the Opera major
is performed with conscious nurse sedation.

Another example of a large volume fat grafting procedure to the face
(Opera major) resulted in a down time of approximately 7 days. Stem cell
concentrated fat may be use in volumes of up to 90 cc thereby resulting in
a “3D Spacelift” that was first described by Dr. Mark Berman of Beverly
Hills. Patients are told that they may benefit with a second but lesser
(OPERA minor) grafting session six months to a year later. Long term
results are expected in the majority of patients.


  1. Amazing results. Great after pictures.

  2. The before and after pictures are amazing!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Anie. We are so happy for them!


  4. Looks as if these produce great results. Had the patients had previous procedures on their face? It looks as if they hadn't, these procedures in my opinion tend to have much better results on untouched faces of older people.

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