Thursday, June 16, 2011


Dr.Lewis Obi has treated more than 300 patients with the Slim Lipo (LifeSculpt) laser lipolysis system and continues on the cutting edge of this relatively new technology. Palomar Medical Technology Inc., developer of Slim Lipo, also acquired FDA approval for their Adivive Fat Processing Unit six months ago. Dr. Lewis Obi was provided the first Adivive unit in the United States and has treated more than 30 patients since January. Unwanted fat obtained during Slim Lipo procedures may then be used for facial rejuvenation, breast reconstruction and for other areas requiring large volume natural fillers.

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  1. I had the lipo SLIM by Palomar did last week in my I / O thighs. I never had any other lipo done before so I can not compare the differences ... but I can tell you about my experience.



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