Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Our November 17th blog mentioned the prospect of the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic providing patients with the latest technology regarding the use of autologous fat fillers. Last week our facility was informed that we will be among the first providers of this new science. This will provide our patients with the option of large volume fillers for the face and other areas of the body utilizing the patient’s own fat cells. With this advanced procedure, fat may be taken from unwanted areas, concentrated into stem-cell rich fat and simultaneously transferred as a natural filler with more predictable longevity. As with the Palomar Slim Lipo technique of liposuction that Dr. Lewis Obi has performed on 250 patients during the past two years, this technique of fat transfer may be performed with minimal downtime. Both Dr. John Murray and Dr. Lewis Obi will be providing these procedures on patients at our Samuel Wells Surgicenter beginning next month. The applications of adult stem cell fat transfers in the mastectomy patient in the future is very exciting.

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