Friday, December 4, 2009

What You Should Know About The Excise Tax on Elective Cosmetic Medical Procedures

I'm writing you today about an issue that affects not only plastic surgeons but everyone who utilizes our services for anything from Botox to Tummy Tucks.

Perhaps you've heard of the current healthcare bill before the US Senate. Page 2045, Section 9017, Excise Tax on Elective Cosmetic Medical Procedures included in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act translates to a tax on ALL cosmetic procedures as partial payment for the healthcare overhaul our current administration is attempting to implement.

So what's the problem?

YOU would be paying the tax, the FIRST time this country has levied a tax on patients for medical procedures.

This is a discriminatory tax. According to the Aesthetic Society Annual Statistics, 91% of all cosmetic procedures are requested by women.

This will not have considerable consequences on the wealthiest patients but, as usual, affects the middle class. Working women, soccer moms, and scores of others who carefully save and budget to improve their appearance and self esteem will be penalized for doing so.

Procedures such as breast reduction that have been cited in the literature for improving self esteem and quality of life would be taxed as well.

This provision places physicians like me in the role of tax collector and holds physicians liable should an individual fail or refuse to pay the tax.

Is that the relationship you want with your medical provider?

Please help us stop this silly and penetrative tax. Contact our Florida senators by clicking on the links below -

Tell them that you are against this tax - together we can fight for your right to no government interference in medical care and stop this discriminatory measure against women!

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