Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This week Dr. Lewis Obi completed his 120th Slim Lipo case during the past nine months. More than 300 anatomic areas were treated since November 2008 establishing the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic as one of the senior and premier centers for the Palomar Life Sculpt Slim Lipo system. During the past two weeks, Dr. Obi was involved with the training and preceptorship of almost 20 plastic surgeons from not only the Jacksonville area, but from Illinois, Tennessee and other major Florida cities. Eminent plastic surgeons worldwide consult and visit with Dr. Obi on a regular basis not only for laser lipolysis technology but other major areas of plastic surgery. Dr. Lewis Obi will be one of the featured speakersfor Slim Lipo laser technology on November 14, 2009 at a major symposia in Fort Lauderdale.

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