Friday, March 13, 2009

Community Contributions

Dr. Lewis Obi has always been a major advocate of establishing a comprehensive breast care center in Jacksonville. His efforts have intensified during the past year and he hopes to see his dreams for women with breast cancer become a reality this year.

Every family and work place is replete with victims of this epidemic disease. Jacksonville leads the nation with dedicated professionals and volunteers as well as expansive breast care facilities. These resources continue to expand and consolidate because of our broad based support.

For additional information in any of these areas feel free to contact Dr. Lewis Obi or Carole Tindell, Clinic Director, at 904 399-0905 or email to


  1. This would be such a great addition to Jacksonville. Women diagnosed with breast cancer need a place where all their questions can be answered and care coordinated. If anyone can make this happen in Jacksonville, Dr. Obi can!

  2. I am a patient of DR Obi and can testify that any woman facing breat cancer can rest in the fact that she will receive experct care from Dr Obi and his staff! He is extremely compassionate and the results he provides are spectacular. He has saved several of my friends lives incuding myself and I am truly thankful he is such a dedicated professional. He truly cares about his parients quality of care, and their lives, and families concerns as well. I cannot say enough good things about him. God Bless you, Dr. Obi and staff!!


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