Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Palomar’s Deep IR Joins Zimmer Chiller for Quick Painless Skin Tightening

Palomar Icon Aesthetic System

MaxIR: Deep infrared heating on areas such as the neck, abdomen, and legs, and soft tissue coagulation

A broadband infrared light source with an output spectrum filtered to optimize energy penetration into deep dermis and hypodermis is used. Contact surface cooling is employed to prevent epidermal damage and shift the lattice of high temperature into deeper layers of tissue. Clinical data indicate potential of the technique as a novel non-invasive modality for skin tightening.

Our Palomar Deep IR laser is the newest, state of the art technology in skin tightening. Perfect for patients who want to avoid the pain, expense, and downtime associated with surgery. This non-invasive technology uses infrared heat to stimulate collagen and results in tighter, more youthful looking skin. Our Deep IR uses the most advanced cooling system to cool the surface of the skin better than older technologies using radiofrequency (such as Thermage).  This allows the use of higher energies to penetrate deeper into the skin for more impressive results. See our previous blog regarding the new Zimmer “chiller” that may be used for pain free treatments with all of our laser platforms.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


As in 2012, The Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic is maintaining it’s professional lead in with state of the art plastic surgery lasers and equipment. Just added to our inventory is the Zimmer Cryo 5 upgraded chiller. In addition to the advanced cooling systems built into all of our lasers, this patient held cooling system now eliminates all of the pain previously experienced with Fractional Laser Treatments and Photo facials. This system may also be used during TCA chemical peels that now may be performed as an office procedure at a lower cost to the patient. The Zimmer “Chiller” will be available for our Valentine’s Day February 5th event which already has had a great response in terms of reservations.

The Cryo Cold Air Device is intended to minimize pain and thermal injury during laser and dermatological treatments and for temporary topical anesthetic relief for injections. Unlike other cooling methods such as contact cooling, cryogen spray or ice packs, the Cryo 5 can cool the epidermis before, during and after laser energy has been applied without interfering with the laser beam.

This technology even surpasses the super cooling system integrated into our new Vectus hair removal laser. Dr. Lewis Obi recently had his entire back treated with the Vectus hair laser and it was so painless that he did not realize the treatment had even been performed. Like the majority of his patients, Dr. Obi is not a Marine when it comes to painful procedures. Because of the pain associated with lasers in the past, many patients have been reluctant to undergo these treatments.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Publication out of Arlington Heights, Ill.

More than five years after facelift surgery, three-fourths of patients still look younger than they did before surgery, according to a long-term follow-up study in the December issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The results suggest that, more than five years after facelift surgery, "There is no significant objective or subjective sign of continued aging or 'relapse' in any area except for the neck." The researchers add, "The vast majority of patients will continue to look better several years after surgery than they did before." This new evidence will help guide patient expectations and also establishes that surgical facelifts are still an important component of facial rejuvenation.

Dynamics of facial aging.
Loss of soft tissue volume, skin sag and intrinsic skin surface aging are the three major components of the aging face. In patients with significant loss of facial soft tissue, the use of the patients own processed (Adivive) fat is the best choice for large volume replacements. However, if affordable, the combination of surgical tightening along with volume replacement will provide the patient with a better long term rejuvenation.

Early recurrence of neck sag after surgical facelifts.
Dr. Lewis Obi agrees with this survey that after a surgical facelift, neck sag tends to recur quicker than the facial sag. To avoid premature recurrence of this neck sag after a total face and neck lift, Dr. Obi has incorporated the use of SlimLipo laser neck tightening with almost all of his surgical facelifts. Laser tightening of the neck provides for progressive neck skin shrinkage for at least six months thereby avoiding the early recurrence of neck skin laxity. In addition to surgical facelifts, the SlimLipo neck tightening may be performed as a solitary procedure or in conjunction with stem cell fat grafting to the face (OPERA LIFT).

Conclusions of ASPS study.
In this ASPS study, Drs. Barry M. Jones of King Edward VII Hospital, London, and Steven J. Lo of Canniesburn Plastic Surgery Unit, Glasgow supports facelift surgery as the only rejuvenation technique to have objective and subjective evidence for long term efficacy. However, “in The New Age of Plastic Surgery”, Dr. Lewis Obi and his international colleagues take issue with this static and rigid approach to facial aging. In todays society and economy, patients are seeking an alternative to traditional surgical solutions in the area of facial aging. As Dr. Obi has discovered during the past four years, non surgical alternatives such as SlimLipo, Adivive and PRP may also be used to enhance traditional surgical facelift procedures.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Complication Rates for Simultaneous Versus Staged Combined Procedures of Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift

Arlington Heights, Ill. - Breast lift surgery and breast augmentation with implants can safely be performed in a single procedure, according to a report in the January issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). "With appropriate patient selection and a carefully planned operative approach, our data demonstrates a one-stage procedure can be safely performed with acceptable complication and reoperation rates," concludes the study by ASPS Member Surgeon Michael Bradley Calobrace, MD, of Louisville, Ky., and colleagues.

However,the overall complication rate for women undergoing simultaneous breast lift / breast augmentation procedures was about 23 percent. The most common complications were hardening (contracture) of the capsule around the implant, scarring and recurrent ptosis (drooping) of the breasts. More severe complications such as significant asymmetry, nipple loss, nipple numbness and implant exposure are also more prevalent with this combined approach. Milder degrees of ptosis may be treated with Dr. Lewis Obi’s scarless laser breast lift in conjunction with breast augmentation. Also, the high rate of 23 percent complication rate is unacceptable to Dr. Obi and with most patients.

Dr. Michael Bradley Calobrace’s article was well prepared and included a large patient population. He is commended for his carefully planned and executed study. However, there have been a wealth of similar studies in both major plastic surgery journals that reflect the opposite philosophy of performing staged procedures. Most plastic surgeons, like Dr. Lewis Obi, will adjust their fees so that the sum total cost for a staged approach results in fees not too different than a combined approach. Also the one in four patients that do have complications secondary to a combined breast lift/breast augmentation procedure may have complications that are very difficult to correct.

For information regarding one of Dr. Lewis Obi’s approach to the condition of deficient breast volume complicated by breast ptosis (sag), refer to our home page and photo gallery.

Monday, January 7, 2013

A Unique and Simple Approach to Body Enhancement During Weight Loss

Daniel - “Pygmalion’s Creation” - 1983 - Obiarts, Inc.
As a sequel to our January 2013 Newsletter, Dr. Lewis Obi and The Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic would like to follow up on the lead story around body enhancement. In the U.S., two thirds of adults and almost one third of children are overweight or obese. There’s no denying that Americans are getting fatter. Running neck and neck with this weighty problem is a fast-growing trend – weight loss surgery.

ASAPS (American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) states that: “Two hundred and twenty-thousand people had weight loss (bariatric) surgery in 2009, compared with just 17,000 in 1993.” As waistlines thicken, so do surgical options. Not only is there more weight loss surgery, but there is also more surgery following weight loss. Losing five to ten pounds is no problem, but if you undergo massive weight loss, either from weight loss surgery or dieting, you may be left with unattractive folds of sagging skin.

Patients may be surprised to learn the extent of plastic surgery that is required to bring their body back to a more normal and aesthetic appearance. "Most of these patients will need a total body lift. While surgeons may define this term somewhat differently, treatment most likely would include a tummy tuck, circumferential lower body lift, thigh and buttock lifts, removal of back rolls, breast lift and upper arm lift," explains Iowa City, IA, plastic surgeon Al Aly, MD, who is featured in a panel discussion on body contouring after massive weight loss in the current issue of Aesthetic Surgery Journal , the peer-reviewed journal of ASAPS. "Many patients will also need face and neck procedures to get rid of loose, hanging skin in these areas."

Much of the loose skin that develops after significant weight loss may be prevented with SlimLipo procedures performed strategically. This concept first proposed by Dr. Lewis Obi more than four years ago has proven effective especially in avoiding loose neck skin and also redundant skin in the abdomen and waist. The unique effect of prolonged skin shrinkage that occurs after a SlimLipo treatment continues for six months or longer.
First SlimLipo performed by Dr. Obi 11/9/08 in 63 y/o
58 year old with unsuccessful previous liposuction after SlimLipo
Similar situation in 65-year-old patient
Combination by-pass surgery and SlimLipo
Neck tightening occurs sooner and continues for six months
Fees for the above procedures range from $2000 to $5000 and may be performed with oral sedation and/or conscious nurse sedation. Out of work time ranges from 1 to 3 days. More than 500 patients have been treated during the past four years and there is minimal pain and bruising for 95% of patients.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wishing All of Our Patients a Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year

“2013 we are coming” and this is where we left off in 2012. In contrast to last year’s lack luster economic performance by our country, the Lewis Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic experienced a significant  increase in activity. This is because Dr. Lewis Obi has been on the forefront of innovations and new technology in his chosen field of plastic surgery. This month he will be joining an Investigational Research Board (IRB) pilot study with Palomar Medical to continue his clinical trials with a major new laser platform. As mentioned in the January Newsletter, Dr. Obi’s international lecture schedule for 2012 was very active. In addition, our plastic surgery articles and publications list for last year has grown exponentially.

Outside of the plastic surgery arena, Dr. Obi launched the Daniel Samuels “Olympians, Gods & Heroes in the World of Daniel” website in conjunction for the London Summer Olympics in 2012.

He also continues to contribute in the area of American Modernism with his 30 year dedication to the art of Manierre Dawson. Twenty five years after his induction as a Fellow of the Royal Society, London (FRSA), Dr. Obi holds true with his dedication to the art world.

Finally, in the area of physical fitness, Dr Lewis Obi has consistently maintained black belt status in karate for more than three decades and will be testing again early this year. He has always encouraged his patients to follow his example. In synergy with cosmetic enhancements that are performed every day at the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic, we therefore encourage all of you to strive for a healthy and physically fit 2013.
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