Monday, July 30, 2012

Dr. Lewis Obi to Speak at Advanced Plastic Surgery Symposium in Sydney, Australia

Dr. Obi is Scheduled to Speak in Sydney, Australia on September 15, 2012 and Chicago, IL on September 8, 2012.

Dr. Lewis Obi’s schedule continues to maintain a high level of activity in many areas of plastic surgery education. This week he is sharing his expertise in the area of lasers, concentrated stem cell fat grafting and PRP with visiting colleagues. In September, he is a primary presenter at advanced symposia in Chicago as well as Sydney, Australia. Due to Dr. Obi’s busy schedule, his presentation in Sydney will be via Skype where he shares the podium with world famous colleague, Dr. Mark Berman.

Dr. Berman heads up the California Stem Cell Treatment Center in California. Coincidentally, Dr Lewis Obi was recently elected as an affiliate member to the California Stem Cell Center. In addition to spearheading clinical applications of specialized lasers in recent years, Dr. Obi has been actively involved with new and advanced techniques of autologous stem cell concentrated fat grafting procedures.

Patient being prepped for Adivive Procedure in
Dr. Lewis Obi's Operating Room #1

Friday, July 27, 2012

London 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies

Compliments of Obiarts Inc.
In the true spirit of the opening ceremonies tonight, Lewis J. Obi MD, FRSA is sharing one of his favorite Daniel drawings. At the request of Dr. Obi in 1984, Daniel executed a drawing of Pheidippides in preparation for “Olympians, Gods and Heroes” production. Legend has it that in 490 B.C. Pheidippides ran from Marathon to Athens (40 Km/25 miles) to deliver the momentous message that the Greeks had defeated the Persians. He then collapsed and died inspiring the ancient Olympic Games. The first modern Olympic games were held in Athens, Greece in 1896. At the 1908 Olympic games in London the distance was changed from 40 K (25 miles) to 45 K (26.2 miles) from Windsor Castle to White City Stadium where the Royal viewing box was located.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Adivive Autologous Fat Transfer and Platelet-­Rich Plasma: Changing the Face of Anti-­Aging Treatments

Non Invasive Facelift Patient – OPERA Lift Major

In our March 2012 blog, Dr. Lewis Obi was quoted in Plastic Surgery Practice (PSP) magazine regarding his utilization of the Adivive Fat Processing Unit. The article also featured updates about use of platelets and fibroblasts in cosmetic procedures. To date, Dr. Obi has performed over 100 Adivive autologous fat transfer procedures and since the publication of the PSP article has combined the rejuvenating effects of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). 

Through the unique combination of Adivive fat transfer and PRP, facial rejuvenation patients benefit by receiving long-lasting results, improved facial tones and textures, and the reduced chances of bruising or infections. 

Not only has Dr. Lewis Obi incorporated the use of PRP into his non invasive facelifts (OPERA Lifts), surgical facelifts, and his LJO Brow Lift but he also has integrated it into other surgical procedures including breast reconstructions and augmentations as well as tummy tucks. 

Dr. Obi was the first plastic surgeon in Jacksonville to utilize the MAGELLAN Autologous Platelet Separator for assimilation of PRP into plastic surgery. 

Non Invasive Facelift Patient – OPERA Lift Major
In the past week, the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic prepared a short video demonstrating how Dr. Lewis Obi harvests and prepares fat for transfer for his non invasive facelift, the OPERA Lift and for breast reconstruction patients. You may watch the video below or visit YouTube to see the Adivive fat transfer video or other plastic surgery videos.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Lewis Obi MD, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA), is pleased to announce his launching of the Daniel website in time for the 2012 London Summer Olympics. It is very appropriate that British artist Daniel Samuels' (FRSA 1916-1988) painterly renditions around the Olympians is being held in Daniel’s homeland. The lithographic portfolio edition was originally produced for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics but due to a deadline failure was not published until 1985. 

Unless you have visited the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic or viewed our website then most likely you have never viewed any of Daniel paintings. Daniel only completed 100 paintings during his lifetime and Dr. Lewis Obi owns 30 percent of his original art. For a comprehensive review of Daniel’s art and the Olympic Suite of Lithographs, visit the Daniel website at:


Thursday, July 19, 2012


Unsightly scars, whether from surgery, acne, childbirth or trauma, can make an individual understandably feel self-conscious and feel the need to cover-up. And since it’s summertime, the need to get out and enjoy the sunny weather is a must. Warm weather means less clothing and less clothing means the visibility of embarrassing, sometimes even painful, scars.

Scars are not only more visible in the summertime, but they are also more vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays. These are typically the reasons why scar revision and reduction is one of the most sought-after procedures during the warm season.

Scar Revision Through the Icon Laser

Through fractional laser technology, individuals that suffer emotional or physical pain from acne or other facial scars can improve their way of life with this less invasive procedure. With the Icon laser, light is pulsed on the skin’s surface to trigger healthy new tissue formation. And most importantly, this scar removal treatment is perfect for any skin type and little-to-no pain is felt and healing time is minimal allowing patients to get back to enjoying life.

Keloids (raised, thick scar tissue) may also be revised and reduced with the Icon Laser. The laser can reduce and smooth the appearance of heavy scars for any skin type.

Stretch marks may also be reduced via fractional non-ablative skin resurfacing -smoother skin is achieved with minimal downtime.

During the month of July, the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic is offering one complimentary laser procedure for stretch marks with a qualifying SlimLipo procedure. Restrictions do apply; contact our Jacksonville plastic surgery center for details.

The Renaissance, Center for Cosmetic Renewal was the first med spa in Jacksonville to receive Palomar’s Icon Laser System, which is also utilized at Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic. The Renaissance was also the first to receive the Skintel Melanin Reader which allows the aesthetician to receive an accurate reading of a patient’s sun exposure resulting in a more accurate treatment level.

Watch these scar removal videos provided by Palomar, demonstrating scar removal procedures.


Monday, July 16, 2012


The California Stem Cell Treatment Center of Los Angeles announced in July of 2012 the addition of Dr. Lewis Obi as an affiliate member of their team.

“It’s been an honor to work with Dr. Mark Berman and the physician team at CSCTC. I’m looking forward to innovative developments that are to come from this unique and diverse team environment,” explains Dr. Obi of his recent incorporation to the California Stem Cell Treatment Center.

The CSCTC aims to “provide care for people suffering from diseases that may be alleviated by access to adult stem cell based regenerative treatment.”

Dr. Yoshimura & Dr. Lewis Obi
Dr. Lewis Obi has collaboratively worked with Drs. Mark Berman (California), He Young Lee (Seoul, Korea) and Kotaro Yoshimura (Tokyo) during the past several months for the Adivive Fat Transfer System.

Since January of 2011, Dr. Obi has successfully performed approximately 100 Adivive fat grafting procedures. These fat grafting procedures are extremely beneficial to patients seeking long-term results for facial rejuvenation as well as treatment of post mastectomy deformities in breast cancer patients.

Thursday, July 12, 2012



Many of our patients have taken advantage of summer vacation time to undergo procedures for facial enhancement. These include eyelid surgery as well as face and neck lifting procedures. Recent advances in these surgical procedures has placed Dr. Lewis Obi in the forefront of plastic surgery as evidenced by his international recognition. Several techniques utilized at the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic are unique in this area of cosmetic surgery.

Two weeks ago we announced introduction of the Magellan autologous platelet separator which produces platelet rich plasma (PRP) used to enhance both surgical face lifts as well as large volume fat grafting. Since this announcement, Dr. Lewis Obi has performed three surgical facelifts with the use of PRP and facial fat grafting. All three patients healed quickly with minimal bruising and swelling. Fat grafting is often used in conjunction with facial procedures and PRP also enhances the success of this ancillary procedure. The LJO brow lift, invented by Dr. Lewis Obi in the 1980s, was also used in all three patients. Dr. Lewis Obi was also one of the first plastic surgeons in the world to introduce Palomar’s laser neck tightening technique with SlimLipo.

Therefore a common combination of procedures for total facial rejuvenation includes:
The Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic is unsurpassed in the USA in terms of patient safety and longevity of our clinic. 

 Fees for any of the above procedures scheduled prior to Labor Day will be reduced by 20% 

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The decision to undergo any cosmetic procedure is a personal choice and the reasons are unique as the individual. Healthy and realistic expectations are ideal qualities in any patient seeking plastic surgery, especially breast augmentation.

At a young, adolescent age, we begin to feel the pressure to look or act a certain way. That being said, teenagers fall victim to wanting to “fit-in” – whether it’s from friends or family - and will go to extremes to do so. Most recently, a mother in Great Britain came under criticism for openly voicing that she is actively pressuring her 14-year-old daughter to undergo breast augmentation and follow in the footsteps of herself and her older sisters. Cosmetic surgery is not typically ideal for young women who have not yet fully-developed breasts nor achieved adult physical stature. Psychological maturity is also variable and is an important factor for the parents and the plastic surgeon they choose for their daughter. Dr. Lewis Obi has a lot of both professional and personal experience in this area since he has five daughters.

Women seeking breast implants should be of a mature, decision-making age. Because breast augmentation is a very personal decision, women typically elect this type of surgery if they feel their breasts are too small, uneven or are seeking to correct shape or size after childbirth, reconstructive surgery or trauma.

A highly-qualified plastic surgeon should talk to you about your options concerning the type of breast implants, optimal breast size and a detailed explanation of risks and long term implications. In recent years, Dr. Lewis Obi has integrated non-surgical choices for some of his patients avoiding the need for implants. These techniques includes the use of cf autologous stem cell concentrated fat grafting and the SlimLipo laser platform.

Adivive/Lipokit Autologous Fat Transfer Before and After Photo Patient 10
Adivive Autologous Fat Transfer for Breasts
 A breast augmentation may boost self-esteem but it certainly won’t alter other’s perceptions of you. If you have been considering breast augmentation, we encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Lewis Obi and discuss your options in a highly confidential, comfortable atmosphere. He has performed thousands of successful breast augmentations during his career and continues to stay on the cutting- edge of plastic surgery by pioneering and utilizing the latest techniques that are beneficial to the patient’s outcome. This includes improving the shape of a woman’s breast through Adivive autologous fat transfer and integrating PRP into surgical procedures to accelerate healing times and promote less bruising. Skin brassiere tightening and diminishing surrounding fat with the SlimLipo platform is another advanced technique performed at our surgery center.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Recently, the Florida Times Union featured an excerpt in their Health Section regarding the benefits of Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

“People planning to have a surgical procedure that does not require an overnight stay should consider the option of an ambulatory surgery center, Peter Lohrengal, executive director of the Florida Society of Ambulatory Surgery Centers, said in an interview this week. Florida has more than 400 such facilities licensed by the state, which last year performed more than 1.5 million surgeries. The most common procedures performed in ambulatory surgery centers are gastrointestinal care (34 percent), such a colonoscopies and ophthalmological care (32 percent), such as cataract surgery.”

Inside the Samuel Wells Surgicenter at
Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic
It is of the utmost importance that patients assure their safety by making sure their surgery is being performed by a board certified plastic surgeon as well as it performed in a licensed surgery center accredited by Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). Recently, Gov. Rick Scott signed legislation that will prohibit liposuction to be performed in any facility other than a hospital or licensed surgery center further underscoring the importance of surgery center licensing. The Samuel Wells Surgicenter was the first licensed and comprehensive surgery center for plastic surgery in the state of Florida. 15 staff members including advanced RNs, a nurse practitioner RN and an RN risk manager round are on present for all surgical procedures.

Dr. Lewis Obi and his staff just recently re-qualified for their Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification. For Dr. Obi, this was his 17th successful certification in the past 34 years. According to Dr. Obi, less than 5 percent of plastic surgeons in the United States are certified for ACLS. This is just another reason that patients should always question the safety and certifications of office-based surgical centers.
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