Friday, May 1, 2009


This week, the Samuel Wells Surgicenter successfully underwent its 21st annual inspection by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). Dr. Lewis Obi established the first licensed and comprehensive plastic surgery center in the state of Florida and it continues to provide quality care in a safe environment. Licensed centers in contrast to accredited centers have to maintain a higher level of staffing and physical plant requirements.

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One week ago Dr. Lewis Obi, with Palomar Medical Technology Inc., presented the new Slim Lipo technology to a group of local Jacksonville plastic surgeons. In addition to a comprehensive clinical review, two live surgeries were conducted for the visiting plastic surgeons to view first hand. As one of the pioneering plastic surgeons, Dr. Obi has completed 60 Slim Lipo (laser assisted) liposuctioning procedures during the past five months. In spite of Slim Lipo’s national success Dr. Lewis Obi continues today as the sole Jacksonville provider of this advanced technology. Equally impressive is that Dr. Obi has become a professional consultant for Palomar on a national level.

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