Friday, June 29, 2012


In recent months, a procedure aptly named the “Vampire Facelift” has spread like a virus (pun intended) due to a clever marketing idea by an Alabama plastic surgeon – but like most patients’ confusion, no one is really sure what it is due to the non-descript nature of its name.

Is it a surgical facelift? Is it some sort of filler? Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)?

The Vampire Facelift, coined by Dr. Charles Runels stemming from a reporter’s term “Vampire Filler,” is a procedure where a patient’s own blood (PRP) is combined with facial filler such as Juvederm or Radiesse.

Fillers enriched with one’s own PRP can produce aesthetically optimal results verses the filler injected alone. With PRP integrated into fillers such as Juvederm or Radiesse, patients can expect to see improved facial tones, textures and overall results. As women age, the loss of volume and sagging of skin is a very common occurrence – through this unique combination, women can expect to see improved results at each injection.

Dr. Lewis Obi has been integrating PRP into many of his surgical procedures, including face lifts, breast procedures and tummy tucks, over the past few months due to its unique ability to enhance patient’s surgical results by reducing bruising, accelerating healing times and for its antibacterial benefits. Most recently, he’s integrated the use of PRP into his OPERA Lift procedure with much success. With the acquisition of the MAGELLAN™ Autologous Platelet Separator, he is currently one of the only plastic surgeons in Jacksonville to utilize PRP in surgical procedures as well as combining with facial fillers. If you are interested in learning more about PRP, please visit our recent PRP post or contact Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic at 904-399-0905 for more information.

Monday, June 25, 2012


Life Extension Magazine (LEM) recently released and article highlighting the affects UV rays have on skin and how you can potentially reverse years of damage just by eating the right foods and nutrients.

"Symphony of the Echoes of Light"

The Damage UV Rays Creates on Your Skin

Ultraviolet (UV) rays can be extremely damaging to the health and elasticity of your skin. Years of unprotected exposure can lead to premature wrinkles, sagging, discoloration, crow’s feet, and even skin cancer and melanomas. These are all issues that may make your skin look older than you really are.

Reversing Sun Damage by Eating Bioactive Phytonutrients

It’s a proven fact that you are what you eat. And eating the right or wrong foods can visibly show. Nature is abundant in organic remedies and homeopathies that can heal our ailments. Dermatological research has shown that leafy green veggies – such as cabbage, broccoli and kale – impact your health and can visibly improve skin elasticity and clarity. Most importantly, particular compounds in these phytonutrients “play a vital role in cancer prevention, immune system function, and the maintenance of healthy, youthful skin.” (via LEF magazine)

Broccoli Sprouts
One of the most beneficial compounds is called Glucoraphanin – which is found mostly in tender broccoli sprouts – and is a potent anti-cancer compound. When Glucoraphanin meets with the enzyme Myrosinase (also naturally occurring in broccoli sprouts), the two create Sulforaphane. This super substance boosts your ability to “defend against sun damage,” protect against cancers, fight premature aging of the skin, prevent bacterial growth, detoxify and more.

Topicals that are derived from these powerful ingredients can also help fight damage and repair skin, but they are not as effective as consuming them.

Dr. Lewis Obi has been on the forefront of sun damage and sunscreen education for several years and continues to provide beneficial information to his patients and the public. He has published several articles regarding the importance of proper skin care and sunscreen for the prevention of cancer and melanomas. Dr. Obi believes in providing patients with the latest, most beneficial treatments and options for their needs. That is why the Renaissance, Center for Cosmetic Renewal provides only the finest and safest skin care products available.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Recently, Palomar launched an international advertising campaign highlighting their latest platform, the Adivive Fat Transfer System – a device that is changing fat transfer procedures for the better. In the campaign, Dr. Lewis Obi - one of the first surgeons in the United States to utilize this platform - is quoted regarding his use of Adivive and his patients’ results.

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Adivive Fat Transfer Ad Featuring Dr. Lewis Obi

"Even after my first experience with the Adivive Fat Transfer System it was obvious that the compressed/filtered fat was of an extraordinary quality, which I have observed during injection, early postoperatively and more than 12 months later. I have not seen similar results during the past 30 years of performing fat injections." Lewis Obi, MD

Using optimized centrifugation and weighted-mesh filtration, the Adivive system removes excess fluids and oils for higher quality fat grafts that can maintain their volume longer than those created by other fat transfer methods. For patients that are eager for dramatic, longer-lasting results - the Adivive Fat Transfer System can help meet their expectations.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Some children can be born with facial deformities or suffer from trauma that may cause them to feel as an outcast from society or may pose difficulty functioning on a day-to-day basis. Typically, these deformities may only be resolved through corrective surgery and unfortunately, not everyone can afford the costs of corrective surgery nor will insurance cover. Luckily, there are plastic surgeons that are dedicated to providing a better quality of life for those less fortunate. Dr. Lewis Obi is among those dedicated cosmetic surgeons that have helped numerous patients-in-need correct deformities on a pro bono basis. And just as most surgeons that help the less fortunate, Dr. Obi finds these cases among the most personally rewarding.

Another group of surgeons dedicating their lives to transforming the lives of children through corrective surgery is The Little Baby Face Foundation.

One of their most recent cases involved a 9-year-old boy born with a “lop-ear deformity” causing his ears to stick out further than usual. Unfortunately, this deformity caused bullying and teasing at his school. When his mother found him looking at himself in the mirror and pulling his ears back, she realized that something had to be done. They soon discovered the LBFF after learning the surgery would cost too much and insurance would not cover. Watch this heartwarming video below of little Trenton Vance and his journey with LBFF.


Although cosmetic surgery should not be utilized as a response to bullying, it can often alleviate societal taunting, and correct deformities and abnormalities.

The creative environment that has been established at Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic allows Dr. Obi to provide patients, sometimes on a pro bono basis, with many choices in the area of reconstructive and corrective surgery. One of the most exceptional being a technique of correcting Lop Ear Deformities, pioneered by Dr. Lewis Obi over 35 years ago. View more before and after photos of ear surgery and otoplasty patients.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


With today's surgical advancements, there are numerous options for chin augmentation that include both invasive and non-invasive techniques. Orthographic surgery (breaking and advancing the mandible) is rarely indicated except with severe malocclusion problems. Chin implants are the most corrective but with the advent of safe semi-permanent injectable fillers and stem-cell concentrated fat grafting, the patient does have less invasive options. Also, chin augmentation is synergistic with nose jobs (rhinoplasty) and  face/neck tightening procedures in patients with weak chins.
An example of a minimally invasive combination is SlimLipo of the neck plus an injectable hydroxyapatite chin augmentation. These are both non surgical procedures which may be performed under local anesthesia with the patient returning to work the next day.


Another common combination is a surgical chin augmentation with a permanent chin implant. In place of the silicones that have been used since the 1960s, Dr. Lewis Obi prefers the lighter weight Porex™ (MedPor) implants which may be sculpted to fit the patient’s chin, are light weight and rarely shifts in the pocket. This more invasive technique is more permanent, more corrective and often performed in combination with a reduction rhinoplasty and/or neck tightening.


Finally, with Dr. Lewis Obi’s OPERA LIFT (Obi Palomar External RejuvenationalAesthetics), deficiencies of the chin and mouth are corrected with stem cell enhanced fat grafting with an average graft survival of 52%. Occasionally, touch up with the synthetic fillers is necessary in these patients. 


Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Today’s Florida Times Union Health and Fitness section featured a story regarding the innovative use of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for sports injuries. The history of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and its impact on sports medicine is somewhat nebulous. PRP application for dental procedures predates sports medicine by nearly a decade. PRP and stem cell technology have roots in veterinary medicine and research, through Dolly the sheep - the first cloned animal.

The efficacy of certain growth factors in healing various injuries and the concentrations of these growth factors found within PRP are the theoretical basis for the use of PRP in tissue repair. The platelets collected in PRP are activated by the addition of thrombin and calcium chloride, which induces the release of growth factors and other cytokines present in PRP. There are at least eight different growth factors that are contained in PRP as well as antibacterial elements. Platelet-Rich Plasma has been utilized by many specialties, including plastic surgery, for many years and is FDA-approved.

For several months, Dr. Lewis Obi has researched a relatively new application of PRP in the area of stem cell fat grafting, Adivive™, utilized in the OPERA Lift – a procedure which he developed more than a year ago. PRP is mixed with Adivive fat to enhance viability, reduce bruising and also for antibacterial benefits. Many other procedures such as face lifts, breast surgery and tummy tucks are procedures that may benefit from the addition of PRP.

The MAGELLAN™ Autologous Platelet Separator by Arteriocyte was acquired by the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic this month and will be in operation by next week.

Arteriocyte in partnership with Medtronics are the industrial leaders in autologous cellular components including PRP technology.
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