Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dr. Lewis Obi: Guest Speaker for English Speaking Union

On Sunday, February 8, 2010, Dr. Lewis Obi was the guest speaker at the English Speaking Union which convened at the Timuquana Country Club in Jacksonville, Florida. Although Dr. Obiʼs talk was centered around American Modernist Manierre Dawson, he shared his serendipitous journey into how the fusion of art and medicine has fulfilled his life. “Profession: patron of the arts...Career: plastic surgeon” was the basis of his presentation to a culturally elite audience. In addition to Dr. Obiʼs active involvement with Manierre Dawson during the past 30 years, Obi shared his role as patron, biographer and publisher of British artist Daniel Samuels. As a result of this work Dr. Obi was inducted as a fellow of the Royal Society of Art, London in 1985. Thus Dr. Obiʼs titles of M.D. and FRSA reflects his dual passion and dedication to medicine and art.

The English-Speaking Union is an international charity founded in 1918 to promote "international understanding and friendship through the use of the English language." One of last year's speaker was British author Flora Fraser, step daughter of 2005 Nobel Laureate in Literature Harold Pinter. One of the next speakers will be congresswoman Patricia Schroeder. At the end of World War I, Winston Churchill was instrumental in the formation of the union. Ironically, Lord Charles Churchill (Winston Churchill’s great nephew) accompanied Dr. Obi to the 1985 New York City premier of Daniel Samuels work. The international art firm of Obiarts, Inc. was founded by Dr. Obi as a means of sponsoring artists such as Daniel Samuels FRSA.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Although Dr. Lewis Obi is one of the busiest plastic surgeons in Jacksonville, he dedicates significant time writing papers, training other Jacksonville plastic surgeons, developing new techniques and also an extraordinary dedication to his plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery patients. Currently he is actively completing two clinical presentations for publication as well as an art lecture. His next major event is a presentation on American Modernist Manierre Dawson to the English Club on February 7, 2010. A life long dedication to the arts is quickly apparent once you enter the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic. Dr. Obi’s work with British artist Daniel Samuels in the 1980’s won him an appointment as a fellow of The Royal Society of Art in London (FRSA 1985). More than a dozen original Daniel paintings are on permanent display at the Obi clinic.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This week Dr. Lewis Obi will have completed Life Sculpt treatments, with the Slim Lipo™ platform in 160 patients over a 14 month period. He has experienced unprecedented success and safety with this procedure as well as a high degree of patient satisfaction. Because of Dr. Obiʼs leadership and expertise in this new technology, patients travel from distant national and international locations seeking these treatments. As the first plastic surgeon in Jacksonville and one of the first in the United States, Dr. Obi has been on the cutting edge of this new technology. In addition to treating traditional areas such as the abdomen, flanks, thighs, arms and neck, this new laser treatment has been a significant tool in the area of breast surgery. With larger breasts, Dr. Lewis Obi has been able to non-surgically achieve a one bra size breast reduction. Life Sculpt™ has also been used in conjunction with breast enlargement procedures to minimize breast sag without extra incisions or scars. As an innovator of this Slim Lipo™ technique Dr. Obi is currently presenting his results to other plastic surgeons. With the recent upgrade of the Slim Lipo™ platform from a 24 watt to a 40 watt system, the plastic surgeon is able to apply more than 3 times the energy level into skin tightening. Dr. Lewis Obiʼs performs all of these procedures in his licensed ambulatory surgery center with a full complement of professional staffing. This highly protected operating room environment includes a registered nurse, laser technician and licensed surgical assistant which we feel is mandatory for patient safety. As a result of this highly professional level of surgical care, Dr. Lewis Obi has had no complications with any of his Palomar Life Sculpt™ patients.

This Slim Lipo patient had amazing results only after 5 months!

This Slim Lipo patient found incredible results just only one month after receiving LifeSculpt.

Everyone has different Slim Lipo results, contact Dr. Obi for a LifeSculpt consult.
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